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2:00 PM on 02.08.2012

Amy Adams to star in Object of Beauty

Steve Martin is/was a great comedian. You could say he peaked comedically in the 80's with ¡Three Amigos!, All of Me, Little Shop of Horrors and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. The 90's were basically a blur for Steve, ...

Jamie R Stone


Mistwalker Celebrates Terra Battle's 500K Downloads Milestone

Having now surpassed 500,000 downloads, Terra Battle fans will soon enjoy new characters from the original character and dragon model designer of Panzer Dragoon, Manabu Kusunoki. For more information on upcoming milestones and recently unlocked milestones, please visit Terra Battle's Download Starter.

Review: The Big Year photo
Review: The Big Year
by Jenika Katz

Would you like to be the very best, like no one ever was? Is finding them your real test, and writing them down your cause? Would you travel across the land, searching far and wide? If so, then you might want to look into the fine hobby of birding. It's apparently a lot like Pokemon, except that you can't catch them and make them fight for your pleasure. Oh, and you only encounter Pidgey.

When I posted the trailer for The Big Year and mentioned that it seemed like a paycheck, there was some dissent. Clearly Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson couldn't be that bad together! They were all very funny men in the past, and they would probably be great together! Plus, The Big Year is directed by the same guy who made Marley & Me, so it couldn't be too bad. I was just against uplifting family comedies.

And you know what? I'll admit it right here: I was wrong about something.

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