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2:30 PM on 01.02.2015

Movie theater attendance in 2014 was the lowest since 1995

2014 is officially over. Celebration aside, this means that we can finally evaluate the year as a whole. The Hollywood Reporter has started us off right, with a breakdown of the box office numbers from the year. And... well, ...

Alec Kubas-Meyer

UPDATE: The Interview basically dead as major chains yank it photo
UPDATE: The Interview basically dead as major chains yank it
by Matthew Razak

[UPDATE: In response to the mass cancelations by theaters, Sony has officially halted the film's release. The language of the statement implies that it will come out eventually, but there's no indication of when that might be.]

Well, I guess the lesson today is to threaten people's lives and you'll get your way. Reports are coming in that the four big boys of cinema, Regal, AMC, Cinemark and Cineplex, will not be showing The Interview at all on its December 25 release date after threats against theaters that do show it were made by the hacker group who has been causing Sony so much trouble. Evidently the chains are planning to ask Sony to delay the release.

It's probably the right decision, but it sure as hell doesn't feel like it. If anything did happen the theaters would be in serious trouble, but, man, if it doesn't feel like the bad guys are winning here. Press screenings for the film have also been cancelled in multiple cities, though mine in DC has not as far as I know. 

We'll keep you updated as the story continues. 

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What do you think of theatrical re-releases? photo
What do you think of theatrical re-releases?
by Alec Kubas-Meyer

Theatrical re-releases are a big thing nowadays. Whether it's Oscar-hopefuls like Gravity and Captain Phillips returning to theaters to score some mindshare or big events like the 4K projection of Lawrence of Arabia, missing a movie in theaters the first time around may not mean you won't get the chance to see it at all.

What do you all think about that trend? We've certainly got some thoughts, and this video has a pretty big cast (including a surprise appearance from the guy who used to have half of my job), so buckle in and get ready to be inundated with the best damn movie opinions on the entire internet.

And once you've done that, head over to our YouTube channel and like every single video we've ever done and then subscribe so you can continue to do that for every video going forward. Then come back and comment on things and be an active member of our community, because doing so will make everyone a better human being.

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11:00 AM on 06.14.2013

Regal Cinemas selling mega tickets for World War Z

Here's an interesting little prospect: getting more out of your already expensive movie ticket by paying more for it. Regal Cinemas is offering up Mega Tickets to World War Z. When you give them $50 bucks they give you a tick...

Matthew Razak

11:00 AM on 05.23.2013

Regal Cinemas to raise their ticket prices 4%

Deadline reported that Regal ticket prices are expected to go up 3% to 4% this year, in keeping with patterns from previous years. This means that you'll need to take out a loan if you want to waste your money on World War Z ...

Hubert Vigilla

4:00 PM on 04.30.2013

Here's your first look at Rocky the stage musical

It was ages ago when we first mentioned the stage musical adaptation of Rocky, but now we have your first look at the production, which is headed to Broadway in February or March 2014. And... well... it looks and sounds a li...

Hubert Vigilla

UPDATE: There are more theaters with The Hobbit in 48 fps photo
UPDATE: There are more theaters with The Hobbit in 48 fps
by Nick Valdez

UPDATE: AMC theaters has just released a list of 99 (plus or minus one) theaters that will also show The Hobbit in 48 fps. It's admittedly focused in certain areas though. If you didn't get a theater near you before, you have a better chance now! Expect more of these lists in the coming weeks before the film's release. Original story below. 

Regal Cinemas has just released a list of which of their theaters will be presenting The Hobbit in the extremely limited, at no extra charge, but probably looks bad anyway, 48 fps. There's a good amount here (three in my hometown, woo!), but there are hopefully more from other theater companies since 48 fps could be like the wave of the future instead of the 3D and the Smell-O-Vision those two kids were talking about as they were meddlin' on my lawn. 

The list is after the jump...and it is long

[via Bleeding Cool]

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Documentary-only movie theater opening in NYC photo
Documentary-only movie theater opening in NYC
by Hubert Vigilla

There's a very keen happening in New York City for fans of documentaries and non-fiction film. The Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV) is going to build its own 73-seat theater that will screen first-run documentaries all year round. Construction will begin in March 2013, and the theater should be completed by early-to-mid 2014. The DCTV is a non-profit committed to documentary film education.

According to The New York Times Arts Beat blog, the official announcement for this theater will be made this Thursday at the DCTV's 40th-anniversary celebration. The party will be held at the DCTV's 87 Lafayette location (pictured above, and yes it used to be a firehouse) and is open to the public. James Gandolfini will be there as honorary chair. Tickets range from $40 to $600, though the more affordable tix have already sold out.

This ought to be a fine addition to NYC's already robust group of theaters -- Film Forum, Lincoln Center, The Sunshine, reRun Gastropub, The Angelika, Cinema Village, The IFC Center, The Anthology Film Archives, and the forthcoming Alamo Drafthouse on the Upper West Side. And that's just scratching the surface. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to pour one out for the Two Boots Pioneer.

[NYT Arts Beat blog via First Showing]

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1:00 PM on 09.14.2012

London cinema uses ninjas to stop texting and talking

We love all those "don't talk or text" PSAs from The Alamo Drafthouse, like the Patton Oswalt PSA or the Michael Madsen PSA. It's a good-spirited way to tell inconsiderate jerks to shut the f**k up and turn off your stupid ph...

Hubert Vigilla

E.T. and the Twilight Saga will get one day re-releases photo
E.T. and the Twilight Saga will get one day re-releases
by Nick Valdez

To celebrate E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (one of the most redundant names ever)'s 30th anniversary Blu-ray release, Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies, and Universal Pictures are showing the digital remastered version in select theaters October 3rd. So...the tickets are probably sold out by now. If you're lucky enough to live near one of theaters and can get to the site before the tickets are all gone, you can try your luck here (I'm so jealous of you jerks!). 

In other theatrical re-release news, much like the Marvel movie marathon before The Avengers premiere, Summit Entertainment will sponsor a marathon of the previous four Twilight films before the world premiere of Twilight 5 (TTS:BDP2) on November 15, 2012 in a wide selection of theaters across the United States of 'Merica. Chances are, you won't be able to get tickets for this either. I once saw Twilight Dos at midnight, and there was a group of girls waiting at my theater since noon o' clock that morning. Those tweens is crazy, y'all. 

Good luck to those attempting to get in either of these wonderful events (I'm trying my damndest to get in on that Twi-Marathon)!

[via /Film]


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9:00 AM on 09.05.2012

China's Dalian Wanda Group buys AMC for $2.6 billion

Dalian Wanda Group finalized its purchase of AMC Entertainment yesterday to the tune of $2.6 billion. Deadline notes that Wanda is China's largest investor in entertainment activities, and that this acquisition makes them the...

Hubert Vigilla

5:00 PM on 08.30.2012

New Apple patent could keep you from theater texting

As I said before, people who text or use their phones in theaters are jerks. I didn't just pay like a billion dollars just to hear about your grandmother's arthritis. Thankfully, that may all change.  Apple had a patent ...

Nick Valdez

10:00 AM on 08.22.2012

Glasses-free 3D movies may come sooner than you think

Do you hate those horrible 3D glasses you need to watch movies in theaters? Of course you do. You're human. They're especially heinous for anyone who tries to wear regular glasses underneath. Have you ever gotten a seat in a ...

Jenika Katz

8:00 AM on 08.06.2012

You cannot afford this custom Batcave theater

And if you can afford it, we should totally hang out more. The good people over at Elite Home Theater Seating can craft you a custom Batcave design for your home theater for the low low price of an arm and a leg. Most li...

Nick Valdez

Report: 35mm distribution to halt by 2013 photo
Report: 35mm distribution to halt by 2013
by Maxwell Roahrig

Max writing another post about the inevitable demise of celluloid? What a concept! IHS Screen Digest, a firm that does nothing but research trends in digital media, seems to think that major studios will cease distributing 35mm prints of their films by next year. Seems plausible when you think about it.

While it's incredibly frustrating for theatre owners to upgrade their projection systems to match the new formats, my one hope in all of this is that studios still print and archive their films on celluloid. It's a format that, with proper storage and handling, can easily last one hundred years. Digital files are incredibly fragile due to how easy it is to delete them, and the failure rates of hard drives. 

Studios, head my call. Archive your art on film for future generations. 

[via ArsTechnica]

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9:00 AM on 05.15.2012

John Carter gets a decent boost thanks to...drive-ins?

Well color me pink, folks haven't forgotten about the drive-in movie theatre! In an interesting turn of events, Disney is now seeing a decently little box office increase for its surprisingly decent John Carter, thanks t...

Maxwell Roahrig

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is coming to New York City photo
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is coming to New York City
by Geoff Henao

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is a chain of theaters in Texas known for their very strict no-talking/cell phone policy during movies, their penchant for screening smaller-budget, independent films, as well as their options for dining during the movies themselves. Having attended SXSW this year for the first time, one of the first things on my list was to visit an Alamo. Needless to say, they're awesome with their service and policy, even if it meant I had to take my notes in the complete darkness. Boo hoo.

Today, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema announced that they are opening their first location in New York City in 2013, taking over where the old Metro Theater stood in Manhattan's Upper West Side. The press release reads, "The venue will feature five screens of new releases, repertory programming and the Alamo's unique signature programming.  Like all Alamo Drafthouse theaters, the Alamo Drafthouse at the Metro will provide food and drink service to your seat and will uphold its famously strict no-talking policy." Any New Yorkers interested in working for the theater can actually find more information here.

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11:00 AM on 03.29.2012

Clerks 3 may happen, would be a play

Kevin Smith recently announced his upcoming retirement, citing that he might make a Clerks 3 in the future if he has "something to say in [his] late 40s about being in [his] late 40s." He recently announced that he was very k...

Jenika Katz

12:00 PM on 03.22.2012

Teenagers want text-friendly theatres; World weeps

Over at The Hollywood Reporter, a poll was recently gathered which showed the proof of humanity's decline. Turns out, these sack of sh*t Millennials want theatres that'll cater to their every damn need, such as areas whe...

Maxwell Roahrig

6:00 PM on 03.14.2012

Let's save the Portage Theater!

Flixistonians! If you've been following the site for a while, you've probably realized that I'm a huge proponent of saving historic movie theaters from being repurposed or demolished. Well, here's a chance for me to put my m...

Maxwell Roahrig

10:00 AM on 03.13.2012

D-Box move-o-rama movie seats debut in the UK

William Castle was a gimmick prophet. D-Box movie theater seats (aka Percepto Vista) have debuted in the UK. If you're not familiar with D-Box, it's essentially theater seats that sync to the movements on screen. Think Star T...

Hubert Vigilla

6:00 PM on 12.14.2011

Patton Oswalt gets kicked out in new Alamo Drafthouse PSA

Look, the Alamo Drafthouse theaters in Austin, TX have one simple rule: You text/talk during a movie, you get kicked out. End of story. Apparently comedian Patton Oswalt didn't know about this iron-clad rule in the Drafthous...

Liz Rugg