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Tron 3

Disney no longer making Tron 3

More like Tron Dead-acy
Jun 01
// Nick Valdez
Although Tron Legacy performed well on home video and seemed to strike a chord with fans, it just didn't become the grand reboot Disney wanted it to be. Stories of Tron 3's possible existence have been floating around since t...
Tron 3 Announced photo
This franchise just won't stay off the Grid.
After the huge success with the recent reboot/sequel, Tron: Legacy, Disney has announced that another sequel is in the the works. The unnamed Tron 3 will be bringing back a lot of the same crew who worked on Legacy, including...


Rumor: Tron 3 to star production in the Fall

Hollywood stockpiling neon colors
Mar 11
// Matthew Razak
When TRON: Legacy was released it was announced that it was the launch of a new franchise, and usually when a film is highly successful and is part of a franchise the rest of the movies come out pretty quick (disregardin...

Disney's Tron 3 finds a another new writer

David DiGilio gets the boot
Dec 06
// Thor Latham
It looks like whatever work David DiGilio accomplished is now being handed off to a new scribe for another go around. Jesse Wigutow has been hired as the new writer for the sequel to Tron: Legacy and will conti...


Do people still care about this movie? I guess so. I mean, they are planning a sequel, supposedly, right? Though, not for a few years off, probably. Well, if you were that enamored with the admittedly cool and cyberpunk-flavo...


Tron 3 a go? Bruce Boxleitner says so

Aug 30
// Maxwell Roahrig
When was the last time an actor dropped news that a sequel to a popular franchise would be happening, and it actually happened? Not too often, really. But here we are with Bruce Boxleitner saying Tron 3 is a done deal, a...

These really pretty minimalist posters were created by illustration artist Crystal White, who also happens to write for Flixist's sister site for all-things-Japanese: Japanator. Crystal is graduating with a BFA in Illustratio...


Update on awesome Tron: Destiny leaked fan video

Apr 28
// Tom Fronczak
About two days ago an awesome Tron fan video leaked online and was pulled from YouTube before we could share it with everyone. It was labeled "TRON: Destiny - TR3N Comic-Con 2011 Teaser Trailer?" and when the account got clo...

We know that Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis -- the writers of Tron: Legacy -- are working on Tron: Uprising, a 10 part animated television series that explores the events leading up to the sequel, but what about another Tron ...


Look, we can beat around the bush and call things we hear on the internet rumors and speculation, but the chances of Disney not making another Tron film in the very near future are about as high as binary code featuring the ...


We reported back in January that Tron 3 was nearing a greenlight from Disney after a fairly wonderful showing at the box office. Now, First Showing has a leaked Easter Egg from the upcoming Tron: Legacy Blu-Ray that offers a...


It's clear that Disney wanted Tron Legacy to set up a new franchise, and for the most part I think it worked. The film was a fun excursion filled with lots of eye candy. And while it may have "only" pulled in $330 m...


Is Tron 3 a virtual certainty?

Jan 13
// Xander Markham
See what I did there? Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News is reporting that his 'grapevine of industry insiders' are telling him that Disney are very close to greenlighting a sequel to Tron Legacy, a film ...

Review: The D-Box Experience: Tron: Legacy

Dec 20 // Alex Katz
Tron: Legacy: The D-Box 3D Experience is easily the most experimental mainstream film in history. The D-Box experience promises to insert the viewer into the film like never before- just like the premise of Tron itself! The divine motion of the seats influences the various perspective changes implicit in the film’s layered structure. The film begins as we inhabit the body of the Invisible Cameraman, swooping with him through the Grid and through the streets of Los Angeles, confirming for us that the film will have a decidedly magical realist streak a la Wings of Desire. Throughout the film we return to his perspective at times, reminding us that the forces of our own machinations are ultimately at risk to that old liar known as sheer happenstance. It is here that the film has its first perception shift, as we suddenly begin to follow the life of on Sam Flynn, a man on a motorcycle that likes to jump of buildings and show nice men a video of his dog. I’ll be honest, the details weren’t exactly apparent to me. I was too deep in the throes of an orgasmic delight I’d previously though impossible. The action slows, but the occasional jerk and shake from Sam/my movement was a beacon of light and love piercing the dark and reaffirming my faith. Eventually, we find ourselves within the world of the Grid. The film briefly changes perspective again to that of Recognizer, a mere cog in the machine created by Clu. As the recognizer, we swoop aimlessly through the sky, hesitant to press onward into the terrible and wonderful world around us. Following this brief glimpse into the helpless thoughts of an automaton, the perspective shifts several times more, even entering the world of Clu’s fearless right-hand man Rinzler. His topsy-turvey world is echoed as he moves from place to place, gravity shifting uncontrollably. I would have stood, weeping, and cheered for his triumph over the adversities of gravity, but I feared that if I were to leave the confines of my D-Box chair, something would irreversibly change in my perception of the film, which had again and again proven itself one of the greatest of all time. The rest of the film I experienced in what I can only describe as an existential blur. Constantly shifting perspective and focus, I was forced to question my very own perception of reality, accepting the fact that my very life is all but lines on the page of some Divine Writer, and all that is possible was to hang on, lest I find myself flung from the page. All living possibility seemed before me. As Sam finally reached his goal, I could feel a connection with the infinite that made me realize I am as the stuff of Gods, not the crude flesh we are taught life is composed, and our true nature can only be revealed through the lifting of the eternal veil of consciousness. As I waited in the lobby, I locked eyes with another man. I could see he was openly weeping, and I only noticed then that the tears were streaming down my face equally. We strode towards each other and embraced- not as men, but as brothers. As family. I whispered into his ear, “It’s okay. We understand now.” We understand now. Overall Score: 10,000: Perfect (This experience literally changed my life forever.)

I write freelance for this fine website, so it's no surprise that I am fabulously, extravagantly wealthy. So wealthy, in fact, that I can commit to such extravagances as golden flakes in my cinnamon schnapps and motion-enable...


Tron porn parody trilogy complete with Tron Jeremy trailer

Dec 17
// Tom Fronczak
First was Pron, the Tron parody porn video (SFW link) starring Lexi Belle and Zoe Voss. Then came the NSFW Tron Playboy bodypaint photoshoot and video that was actually a pretty cool artistic project thanks to some authentic...

Review: Tron: Legacy

Dec 16 // Tom Fronczak
Even though I'm the kind of guy you'd expect to have seen Tron dozens of times, I've regrettably never seen the original. Walking into its sequel I was really hoping I would be bought and sold by the world it introduced me to, and I can honestly say that the first thirty minutes are so entertaining and immersive that I was obsessed with every detail and fully drinking the Tron hype. One of my biggest desires of the movie industry is to make more films where someone is dropped into a bizarre world that’s completely strange to the audience so that we’re on the same page as the main character while we figure out the world together. For that reason, I can’t stress enough that the nonstop motion and curiosities unraveling in the first third is so immersive and convincing that I was enthralled by everything. After a brief real world introduction everything is shown to us – not told. Cyber frisbee jai alai is just as new to Sam Flynn (Garret Hedlund) as it is to us, and it’s awesome to see him try to both understand the rules and survive essentially a boss fight even though he just started playing this bizarre game. Immediately after this is another ten minute game that introduces fantastic light cycles – motorcycles that leave walls behind their trail to crash enemies – and the whole time you’ll be holding your breath and the real world will completely melt away. I love that Hedlund was picked for Sam despite his resume listing lots of film duds, because he was the perfect pick for a rich orphaned son with no social life who is inexplicably cool and lets everything slide off his shoulders. I love that he loves reckless motorcycle driving in the real world and that we don’t need some unrealistic chase scene with quick camera cuts to prove it. Jeff Bridges returns to his role as Kevin Flynn and Clu after all these years, and after the twenty minute os nonstop action we're finally introduced to Quorra (Olivia Wilde) in a great scene. At this point it slows down and we're finally able to take a breath, but the sadly movie never regained my full adoration from then on. I absolutely love how Quorra’s this amazingly sexy cyber chick with skills to back up her looks, yet acts like she’s an early teen who’s still childish, goofy, innocent, and has tons of questions about the real world outside of Tron. I also like how Kevin Flynn’s personality has changed to that of a yoga loving mild zen hippy after a decade of being trapped in Tron’s isolation. They’re all great characters, but when they finally start to all interact it doesn't elevate anyone. The dinner scene where they reunite and play catchup is fine but from here on it's like the years of separation never occurred and the director (Joseph Kosinski) and screenplay hiccups start to pop up. Then there’s a superb bar scene shortly after in town that has an excellent Matrix feel to it and introduces Michael Sheen as an incredibly memorable character that looks and feels like A Clockwork Orange had sex with Alice in Wonderland's screenplay. To make this scene even more fun, there’s a delicious cameo by Daft Punk as the DJs. Everything else in the last half after this is done wrong. The characters submit to an incredibly simple plot: all we have to do is get from point A to point B as fast as we can, yet they move incredibly slow. No more exploration of the environments or culture within the world. There's a train station and a sea and some more towers that look like all the other towers but it all looks the same over and over. An army is being built but both them and the villain don't work hard to instill any fear in the last hour at all. The three main characters continue to not mesh in any memorable ways and I don't mind that Kevin becomes nothing more than a one-liner machine, but the other characters don't carry the plot's weight -- it's just all about getting from one point to another. By the end of the movie it's like we've only explored six rooms in the entire environment leaving me with dozens of questions about the world and its inhabitats. It's great to leave a lot up to our imagination, but it didn't answer nearly enough. I don't even know what a normal day in Tron is like by the end. If it's meant to be a buggy, hollow beta world then show broken architecture and glitchy corners and use them in the plot. To just try to fill the void with Daft Punk's soundtrack that awesomely fit every scene doesn't cut it.  Quorra is really the only character who changes by the end, leaving us no one else to care about. The villain squandered his dictator potential and should have taken notes from BioShock. Even worse is that the resolution of the father and son makes very little sense and brings up even new complaints about the rest of Tron's world mechanics. More importantly though, for a movie named Tron: Legacy, the character Tron is only given three terrible five second scenes. He could and should have been far more involved, which would have been a great tool for further exploring the virtual landscape that feel so hollow when looking back on the film. If you're interested in the 3D experience then Matt's review will be a great aid, though I've got to say I wasn't nearly as impressed as he was. As for my final score, the first half deserves far higher and the last half deserves far lower, so I met it somewhere in the middle. Josh Parker: 8.40 -- Great. A mind-melting sci-fi action light show with light cycles and disc battles aplenty, TRON: Legacy delivers everything most moviegoers could want from a TRON film - and it boasts a fantastic musical score to boot. You can read his full review here! Matthew Razak: 7.70 -- Good. Tron: Legacy might let people who have been constructing a deep and meaningful story behind the franchise down, but for anyone looking to see some amazing action and stunning special effects this movie is going to deliver. See it in IMAX 3D if you can. You can read his full review here!
A solid legacy to build on
Tron: Legacy is a hard movie to review overall. If I could review it in pieces then it would be easy to say the first third is amazing, the middle is okay, and the last third is bad. The characters that are actually used are ...


Review: Tron Legacy

Dec 15
// Matthew Razak
When you see almost every movie that comes out in a given year you start to stop being impressed. The next technical marvel isn't quite as marveling as you thought it would be, and action sequences all start to blur together...

Pron: The Tron Porn

Dec 01
// Sean Walsh
Rule #34 of the Internet states, “There’s porn of it, no exceptions.” Or in this case, Pron. Following in the same vein as recent adult film parodies like The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody and This Ain’t Avatar XXX, Pro...

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