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Trump = The Joker photo
Trump = The Joker

Mark Hamill reads Donald Trump's thin-skinned tweet as The Joker, which totally fits

It did read like a supervaillain tweet
Jan 08
// Hubert Vigilla
While Donald Trump was running for president, Billy West recorded a number of the candidate's dumber statements in the voice of Futurama's Zap Brannigan. It was funny. And now that Donald Trump is President-elect, it's just k...
Dark Tower photo
Dark Tower

Matthew McConaughey up for villain role in The Dark Tower

The Man in Black is all right, all right
Nov 17
// Matthew Razak
If you said to me that Matthew McConaughey was going to star in The Dark Tower films being made I'd instantly think he'd be playing Roland, the Stephen King series's protagonist. However, Variety is reporting that he's b...
Suicide Squad photo
Pimp cane
Remember when that weird image of an overly tattooed Jared Leto Joker went out and everyone went insane because it just looked stupid? We all calmed down when they told us it wasn't how he was going to look in the film, and t...

4 Spider-Man villains we PROBABLY won't see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Feb 13 // Sean Walsh
White Rabbit: Having more in common with Batman villains than Spider-Man villains, White Rabbit has no actual super powers, and mostly relies in gimmicks like a carrot-shooting umbrella and robot rabbits. When your aesthetic is Lewis Carol and one of your nemeses is Frog-Man, you have made a disastrous go as a villain.    Swarm: Swarm is a mass of Nazi bees. Seriously. From Wikipedia:  Fritz von Meyer was born in Leipzig, Germany and became one of Hitler's top scientists. Escaping capture after World War II, he became a beekeeper or apiarist in South America, and discovered a colony of mutated bees. Intrigued by their intelligence and passive nature, von Meyer attempted to enslave the queen bee, but failed and the bees devoured him, leaving only his skeleton. The unique qualities of the bees caused his consciousness to be absorbed into them, allowing von Meyer to manipulate the hive to do his will, although some of his skeletal remains are inside the swarm itself. His consciousness merged with the swarm to the extent that they become one being. Nazi bees, ladies and gentleman. Rocket Racer: A hard-luck case with big brains, Robert Farrell used his intelligence to turn to crime to support his family, engineering a rocket-powered skateboard.He went legit eventually, but for a while this dude was racing around on a rocket skateboard committing crime. Yikes. Big Wheel: Naturally, with a last name like Weele, there's not much choice but to build a gigantic death-wheel and begin a life of crime. The Tinkerer, a slightly less obscure villain who is far more likely to appear in the MCU, built Jackson Weele his weapon of circular destruction after a deal Weele made with our pal Rocket Racer went south, a deal that resulted in Weele's apparent death. Twenty years went by before he reappeared, dabbling in heroics, but Big Wheel remains one of the biggest losers in the Spider-Verse. Bonus: Spider-Ham!  Peter Porker, Spider-Ham isn't a bad guy. He's just an alternate version of Spider-Man, but remains incredibly unlikely to appear in the cinematic universe because he is an anthropomorphic pig version of Spider-Man. A boy can dream though...
4 lame Spider-villains photo
Never say never, but we'll probably never see Big Wheel on the Big Screen
Sony and Marvel deciding to share Spider-Man is beyond awesome. It's something I've always dreamed of, ever since Marvel Studios started making movies. Now, one can presume that most if not all of Spidey's supporting cast and...


Called it: Christoph Waltz likely to be playing Blofeld

Goodbye, Mr. Bond!
Nov 24
// Matthew Razak
Don't say I didn't warn you. The Daily Mail is reporting that Christoph Waltz, who was recently revealed to be cast in the upcoming Bond 24 is likely to be playing Bond's archrival Ernst Stavro Blofeld. I mean, who else ...

Lauren Shuler Donner talks Deadpool script

You should be scared by this.
Mar 11
// Michael Jordan
So it turns out that our favorite merc with a mouth (who had his mouth surgically shut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) has a script out there and Producer Lauren Shuler Donner says its "really good." Here is why you sh...

The new Star Wars has its first villain

Adam Driver to turn to the dark side
Feb 26
// Matthew Razak
If you watch Girls then you probably know Adam Driver. You've probably never thought that he should be the villain in a massive science fiction space opera, but now he is. Variety is reporting that the actor is close to ...

First look at Jamie Foxx as Electro in Amazing Spider-Man

"It's Electro, @#%$!!"
Apr 16
// Thor Latham
Ever since it was announced that Jamie Foxx was cast as Maxwell Dillion, aka Electro, in Mark Webb's Amazing Spider-Man sequel, I know I wasn't alone in wondering what Foxx was going to bring to the character. Now we kno...

Get a glimpse of Tom Hardy's transformation into Bane

Spoiler alert: he gained weight
Nov 21
// Thor Latham
Tom Hardy's Bane proved to be a capable foil to Christian Bale's Batman, strange accent aside, and I don't think anyone who isn't familiar with what Hardy looks like would recognize him as the the bulky bad-guy, even if you h...

Jamie Foxx looking into Electro for Amazing Spider-man 2

Shockingly good news
Nov 02
// Thor Latham
In a bit of a surprise announcement, it's looking very likely that Jamie Foxx will be taking on the role of Electro in Mark Webb's follow up to The Amazing Spider-Man. Variety has reported that Foxx is in early talks to ...

Toy ads confirm Zod as villain for Man of Steel

Kneel before tiny, plastic Zod!
Oct 17
// Matthew Razak
One of the lesser kept secrets in movies is that Michael Shannon will be playing Zod in the upcoming Man of Steel. It's been pretty obvious and Zack Snyder's terrible attempt to be coy at SDCC this year when asked dire...

Christopher Eccleston is Malekith the Accursed in Thor 2

Aug 02
// Thor Latham
Christopher Eccleston, who you may recognize as the ninth Doctor from Doctor Who, has won the role of the villain in Thor: The Dark World, sequel to last summer's demigod extravaganza Thor. He'll be playing Malekith the Accur...

James Franco is going to be a bad guy in Homefront

Aug 01
// Thor Latham
It looks like James Franco is out to broaden his horizons, because word on the street is that he is going to be playing the villain opposite Jason Statham in an upcoming film titled Homefront. Adapted from the novel of the sa...

10 Batman villains we'll never see in the Nolanverse

Jul 19 // Sean Walsh
Clayface Real name: Basil Karlo First appearance: Detective Comics #40 Schtick: Can shape-shift. Kind of like Carnage or Venom, but, y'know, made of clay. Why we won't see him: He's made of clay. I mean, if they went with his original incarnation it would work. But that was just him as Basil Karlo going to get revenge on the people remaking one of his movies without him as the lead. That would suck. Actually, on second thought...what's Val Kilmer doing these days besides being bloated?  Killer Croc Real name: Waylon Jones First appearance: Detective Comics #523 Schtick: Has a condition that makes him look reptilian, super-strong, eats people Why we won't see him: He has a condition that makes him look reptilian. C'mon guys, get on my level. They could do him if they made him like he appeared in Brian Azzarello's Joker graphic novel, namely a black guy with a skin condition and implications of cannibalism but, similar to Clayface, that's way less interesting than a dude who looks like a crocodile and eats people sans implication. Killer Moth Real name: Drury Walker/Cameron Van Cleer First appearance: Batman #63 Schtick: Ludicrous costume, fancies himself as the anti-Batman, eventually sold his soul and became a moth monster Why we won't see him: He's seriously one of the lamest dudes ever. Like, Mad Hatter is cooler than him. His costume is garish and he is an F-lister. They tried to make him cooler by turning him into a moth monster, but that only made him less likely to appear in the Nolanverse. He was ripped in half during Infinite Crisis and I'm sure most people were like, "Who was that guy?" Man-bat Real name: Dr. Kirk Langstrom First appearance: Batman #49 Schtick: Turns into a man-bat, part man, part bat. In the comics, there are now a legion of ninja man-bats. Yikes. Why we won't see him: Because he's a man-bat. Cross-species don't fit into the Nolanverse. That's really more Amazing Spider-Man, and if the game is canon then Morbius will be part bat eventually. Maxie Zeus Real name: Maximillian Zeus  First appearance: Detective Comics #483 Schtick: Insane, thinks he's Zeus, has electricity-based weaponry Why we won't see him: He could work in the Nolanverse, but I think Maxie Zeus is a little too out there for Nolan to use. Mr. Freeze Real name: Victor Fries First appearance: Batman #121  Schtick: Freezes people with an ice gun, stuck in a suit that keeps his weird temperature-based condition in check, loves his wife a lot  Why we won't see him: Everything about him but his motivation (curing his wife and bringing her out of suspended animation) doesn't fit into the Nolanverse; the freeze gun, the suit, it just wouldn't work. But if it did, it would be freaking awesome. Poison Ivy Real name: Pamela Isley First appearance: Batman #181 Schtick: Plant control, plant-based mind control, very protective of plants, often depicted with green skin  Why we won't see her: Her powers are way too fantastic for the Nolanverse, like ten times more than freeze guns. I'd say it also had to do with Batman and Robin, but we've got a new Bane. Red Hood Real name: Jason Todd  First appearance: Batman #357 (as Jason Todd), Batman #635 (as Red Hood) Schtick: Vengeful villain/anti-hero depending on the day of the week, former Robin, died and came back through the most convoluted backdoor in comics history Why we won't see him: The no-Robin rule, his whole murky resurrection thing, and it'd take way too much development to get him to the point to make his appearance as Red Hood meaningful. Just go see Captain America: Winter Soldier instead. They're basically the same character. Solomon Grundy Real name: Cyrus Gold First appearance: All-American Comics #61 Schtick: Born on a Monday, christened on Tuesday, married on Wednesday, took ill on Thursday, grew worse on Friday, died on Saturday, buried on Sunday, came back from the dead super-strong and partially made of swamp and wood on Monday Why we won't see him: He's a perpetually-resurrecting zombie, and not traditionally a Batman villain (although he had major Bat-time in Jeph Loeb's Long Halloween and Dark Victory, as well as an awesome surprise appearance in Arkham City) Ventriloquist Real name: Arnold Wesker First appearance: Detective Comics #583 Schtick: Meek, arguably mediocre ventriloquist who either has multiple personalities or is bent to the whim of an evil ventriloquist dummy carved from gallows wood Why we won't see him: Conceivable but ultimately ridiculous. Reread his schtick. So there you have it. Ten reasons the comics are better. When you're stuck with a decidedly non-Arabic Ra's al Ghul and white Bane, a grim and gritty world where Batman could really exist seems a little less exciting compared to gangster dummies, vengeful ex-sidekicks and sexy redheads that can crush you with a giant plant tendril.

Ever notice how grim and gritty Christopher Nolan's Batman universe is? The effort to make everything as 'realistic' as possible? I mean, the Batmobile is a tank, Joker was just a crazy guy with a Glasgow smile, and there's n...


Ray Winstone offered role of God and/or rainfall in Noah

Jun 12
// Alex Katz
Veteran character actor and all-around badass Ray Winstone has officially been offered the role of the central villain in Darren Aronofsky's upcoming Noah starring Russel Crowe as the titular animal wrangler extraordinai...

Simon Pegg says the Trek 2 villain isn't Khan, is annoyed

May 29
// Alex Katz
Goddamn, but I'm sick of the back and forth on this movie. In an interview with the Telegraph, Simon Pegg said, refreshingly bluntly, "It’s not Khan...That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s n...

Angelina Jolie to be horny as Maleficent

Mar 26
// Jenika Katz
Angelina Jolie recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her upcoming role in Maleficent, where she will be playing the titular role. While Maleficent is portrayed as full-out evil in the original Disney version of the mov...

Retired horror movie villains and Vader with a lava lamp

Mar 26
// Jenika Katz
Horror movies often have plenty of back story on the villains to make them more intimidating, but there's not a lot on what they do after they've frightened little boys in hotels or killed everyone in their dreams. Photograph...

Sherlock Holmes, Smaug, and Star Trek villain: all of them kind of begin with an S, and all of them will be played by Benedict Cumberbatch. We aren't sure who the villain in the new Star Trek will be, but I am pretty sure Cum...

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