10 Movie Valentines for 2014


Lets face it, Valentine’s Day has become so compressed with corporate Hallmark cards, that no company has the chance to make Valentines with the reckless abandon that we used to see back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. 

And that is where we come in with the blatant disregard for any relation to sense, to give you Valentines themed after the movies we know you love as much as your significant other. So make sure to copy these and send them to your sweet heart so he or she really knows that you care, because nothing says love more than movie references.


Let us start with the nice before getting a bit “naughty.”

5. Ride Along 

4. American Hustle

3. That Awkward Moment

2. Frozen

1. Robocop


Now lets get to the more naughty. 

5. The Wolf of Wallstreet

4. Noah

3. The Monuments Men

2. Nut Job

1. The Lego Movie


And from everyone here at Flixist, Happy Valentine’s Day!