12 Years a Slave trailer delivers drama and power

12 Years A Slave Official Trailer

Update: A poster has been released and can now be viewed. It has running on it. 

Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave may mark the directors first foray into a bigger budget film, but it doesn’t look like he’s lost any of the emotional power that his films are so full of because of it. In the above trailer we see why buzz around the film is already at Oscar levels. It helps that this period drama is the kind of thing that the Oscars love to give awards to.

Why shouldn’t they? Chiwetel Ejiofor looks like he’s going to blow his performance out of the water (that mini-monologue in there is incredibly stirring) and so far Steve McQueen has done no wrong with his films. The biggest worry here is the film becoming heavy handed, but with the depth of talent in it I don’t think the actors or the director will let that happen.

Matthew Razak
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