13 minute Dark Knight Rises featurette aims to amaze


Holy crap, guys, The Dark Knight Rises is in theaters next Friday. It’s the film many of us have been aching to see since first stepping out of The Dark Knight four years ago. Four years ago, I was unmarried, still in college, and Flixist was just a twinkle in Matt’s eye. Where does the time go?

This behind the scenes featurette is blissfully light on spoilers, so you guys trying to go into this movie as spoiler-free as possible don’t have a lot to worry about unless you’ll be shocked (shocked!) to learn that Wayne Manor has been rebuilt in this movie, a fact we could have gathered from the end of Batman Begins. There’s a lot of quality stuff from Christopher and Jonathan Nolan about the film’s development through the years, which is exciting as Nolan doesn’t typically do a lot of behind the scenes stuff for his movies, generally speaking. It’s very cool stuff, and it’s exceptionally hype-inducing, so make sure you’ve got a paper bag on hand in the event of hyper-ventilation.