21 Jump Street and Men in Black sequels in the works


Doug Belgrad, a big wig at Columbia pictures, stated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that a sequel for the awesome 21 Jump Street will start filming this fall with Jonah Hill and Michael Bacall coming back to write it. No word on directors yet though. Channing Tatum is most likely coming back, but with his busy schedule, he’s probably going to have to work some stuff around. I think the film will probably be titled 37 Jump Street…or something. 

Belgrad also gave info on the previously ended Men in Black franchise which apparently is getting a part four because money. I’m soooo not looking forward to MIB4 at all. The third film was lackluster and had all of the trappings of franchise fatigue. I don’t care how much money it made, it’s time to put the franchise down for good. If Will Smith doesn’t seem to care anymore, why the hell should we? 

[THR, via Indiewire/Playlist