24 film not going ahead


Apparently the 24 TV series will probably not see a big-screen debut anytime soon. Old Kiefs, according to Training Day director Antoine Fuqua, just couldn’t get a “proper agreement” with Fox to go ahead with the film. He himself believes “the time has passed” too, meaning it’s probs totes over. Supposedly the film would be one of three in a trilogy to close out Jack Bauer’s story. Fuqua is currently working on Olympus Has Fallen.

I recently started 24 thanks to the handy-candy Netflix and I must say it’s quite addicting. Not seeing Kiefs take the big screen with his baby might be a little disheartening but there’s very few shows which made the jump and made it worthwhile. I do know that the made-for-TV film Redemption was a petri-dish for the 24 format to see if it could translate to the film space, and I haven’t heard a good thing said about it personally. It’ll be interesting to see though where Sutherland and company take their next ventures in the future.

[Via GuardianFilm