24 movie is still a thing that is happening


I realize that a lot of us are still high off the recent announcement of Arrested Development coming back for a new season/movie, but it’s part of a dangerous trend that’s happening in Hollywood. Case in point, they’re still trying to push a film adaptation of Fox megaseries 24.

The idea of a 24 movie previously existed as something they would do to bridge in between seasons which later panned out to be TV movie 24:Redemption that was produced during the writer’s strike. Ever since the cancellation, rumblings for a 24 movie have started back up as a remedy to the early cancelation (eight seasons is early? LULZ). In an interview with The Telegraph, Keifer Sutherland stated that the script is near completion. Keifer also stated that the film will follow yet another hectic day in the life of Jack Bauer, but that the real time gimmick that made the series popular will be exchanged for more conventional movie narrative.

I’ve watched every season of 24, and while the first few seasons were great and provocative, the later seasons were not so much. Will a movie redeem countless seasons of contrived story lines and ridiculous developments? Will Chloe return to make her “I smell something awful” face? Will Tony Almeida finally reveal that he is our lord and savior? One thing’s for sure, we’ll get to hear Jack Bauer yell out “DAMN IT” for two more hours, and that just might be enough.

[Via Get The Big Picture]