30 for 30 does Rocky IV


A few week’s ago College Humor brought us a parody of ESPN’s 30 for 30 programming by creating a hilarious short on Angels in the Outfield. It worked and it worked well. It looks like they’ll be continuing the series as we now have a 30 for 30 for Rocky IV, in which Rocky ends the Cold War while miraculously making a crowd of Russians spontaneously cheer for him.

We all know that Rocky IV ranks up there with the greatest movies ever made, but seeing it put into a real world situation like this makes it all the more spectacular. Of course this is most likely landing right now because Creed is about to land at the end of the month, but if advertising wants to be this clever I’m all for it. 

If Rocky 4 Happened For Real (30 for 30 Parody)

Matthew Razak
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