300: Rise of an Empire sure gets pushed back alright


For the two of you who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of 300: Rise of an Empire because of its staggering sameness to its predecessor from six years ago or its overwhelmingly lackluster Eiffel 65 inspired poster, prepare to be socked in the greased, six pack abs. 

According to Deadline, Warner Bros pushed back 299 to March 7, 2014 from its original release this August. Interestingly this move also switched around All You Need is Kill, the Tom Cruise starring manga adaptation of the same name. That instead will release June 2014 (which makes a lot more sense for a Cruise film). Will the extra time prove good for 299? Probably. It’s not like anyone is at baited breath anyhow. It’s just a “whenever, wherever” situation now. One where I’ll be there and you’ll be near. And that’s the deal my dear.

[via Deadline]