48 Hour Film Project complete


It is in the box!

We apologize for the darkness today on our progress of the The 48 Hour Film Project, otherwise it would be filled with unimportant nonsense. But rest assured, the project was turned in on time! Now are you just dying to know when you can lay your eyes on Sam Membrino’s film, Don’t Tell Mom the Baby’s Dead? There are actually two ways to do this. The first way is to show up to the premiere at the AFI Silver Theatre and Culture Center in Silver Spring, MD at 9:30 PM on Tuesday May 3, where you can help us out by voting for our film over the other entries. The second way you can view this film is waiting til the end of the week when our movie will be posted right here on Flixist. Either way, we thank you for tuning in to the liveblogging and appreciate your support and interest.

You can read up on all the fun here and here.