48 Hour Film Project Liveblogging: Day 2


It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times…

Well that’s what they say. We are getting a little bit of a late start but that is just the way it goes when it comes to filming. This will be the place to see our progress on the film as the day progresses. Check back periodically for more updates throughout the day as well as the Flixist Twitter account. Photos will be added to the gallery for you to get a closer look at how things are behind the scenes.


As a reminder of the rules for this film competition, we must use the following predetermine objects in a 4-7 minute short film.

Genre: Dark Comedy

Subject: Riley Tompkins, Teacher
Prop: Pencil
Line of Dialogue: I’m taking it one day at a time.


And here is one of the ideas we came up with last night and decided to go with.

Plot: Riley Tompkins is asked to look after a couple’s baby for the day. The only problem is that the baby is actually dead. Panicked she calls a friend over to help her out of her particular bind. But the question is, how do you fix a dead baby?




***UPDATE (3:10): Pizza arrived and we chowed down. We were also able to get a few quick shots outside that we needed. All but one of crew is here and we ar ready to get started on the rest of the scenes.




***UPDATE (5:15): We have been making significant progress. Two full scenes complete with a couple of quick filler shots on the side. Our last actor should be showing up soon so we are doing shots that will take place in the same location needed for that later shot.




***UPDATE (7:50): We are finally shooting the last scene right now. After this we will just have a few pick-up shots and the filming portion of this project, leaving tonight and tomorrow for color correction, editing, and delivery of our short film by 7:30 PM. Less than 24 hours to finish the whole thing and we are making good time, here comes the excitement!




***UPDATE (9:10): We have officially put a wrap on the filming portion of our movie. What a relief! Time to pack up the equipment, get some food, and maybe some sleep. Either later tonight or tomorrow will be a hard day of color correction, editing, and soundtrack work.