48 Hour Film Project: The Movie


A few weekends ago, our own Adam Dork made the trip up to D.C. to live-blog our 48 Hour Film adventure (part I, part II, and part III). The 48 Hour Film Project is a competition to make the best film you can in 48 hours. On a Friday evening you are randomly given a genre, a prop, a line of dialogue, and a character that must appear in your film. Each time is given the same list or required elements, and the weekend begins. The teams have 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, and deliver a finished 4-7 minute film on Sunday evening, 48 hours after the competition starts. For any aspiring filmmakers out there, this is a great opportunity to see what you are made of.

After an exhausting weekend, we submitted our film, Don’t Tell Mom the Baby’s Dead, finished and on time. We wrote our film on Friday evening, shot all of Saturday, and edited/color corrected on Sunday. On Sunday night, exhausted and anxious, we turned in our film with 15 minutes to spare. We shot on the Canon 7D and the 5D, and used boom and lav mics to record audio. Our cast and crew totaled 12 all together, including the post team.

Thanks to the Lonely Dinosaur, who donated t-shirts to the project. One even made it into the film (see if you can spot it…). The film was selected into the Best of D.C. screening on May 26th, and received an Audience Award en route. Thanks to everyone who made this film possible, it was a blast. Without further ado, the film.