48 Hour liveblogging


Welcome to the first post of the Flixist “liveblogging” of The 48 Hour Film Project. You will be able to follow us along the way as I provide photos on the set and other updates on the status of the project within these posts. Expect to see one every few hours unless something big goes down. I will also be giving quicker, bite-sized updates on the Flixist Twitter account so be sure to follow us.

But before we dive into the action, we need to get our meat on to charge our creative juices. In the mean time, hit the jump to check out our Genre and required Elements

Genre: Dark Comedy

Character: Riley Tompkins, Teacher
Prop: Pencil
Line of Dialogue: I’m taking it one day at a time.


***Update (12:00): We have figured a plot and are now splitting up to work on fleshing out the script and brainstorming more ideas to put into it.


***UPDATE (2:15): If you have been following us on Twitter, you will be aware that we have been hacking at the script and making preparations for tomorrow. Can’t wait for delicious donuts & bagels tomorrow morning! For added fun, here is a picture of Mike Razak (of Matt Razak fame) in beast mode, doing his thing on the script.


***UPDATE (2:50): Most of the script is done so everyone (but our fearless leader Sam Membrino) will be crashing soon and getting a little sleep before we start setting everything up around 9am. We begin shooting at 10am and you should be greeted by a new post with details on our plot and about the set. Maybe if I can sneak in some time a little interview with some of the people helping out.