8-Bit Cinema recreates Home Alone by way of The Legend of Zelda


Earlier today, Uncle Flixist gave you a video about those deadly Home Alone booby traps. Here’s some more belated, leftover Christmas mayhem from your Uncle Flixist courtesy of 8-Bit Cinema. Yes, it’s also Home Alone related. No, I don’t know why your Uncle Flixist likes that movie so much. I swear, if he just spent less time drinking and selling plasma, he might–oh… nevermind.

Here we see a Zelda-esque recreation of Home Alone, distilling the movie down to its brutal slapstick essence. I’m reminded how wonderfully humanizing those Catherine O’Hara/John Candy scenes were.

Home Alone - 8 Bit Cinema

You know, a slow-motion paint can concussion/decapitation would have really made that video better.

It’s not 8-Bit Cinema’s best work or your Uncle Flixist’s most thoughtful gift, but it was for Christmas. You go upstairs to your room to write a nice thank-you letter.

And you better not mention how weird he smells like you did in your letter last year.

[via Cinefix on YouTube]
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