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Across the Bond: Quantum of Solace

This is the end. Across the Bond has covered all 22 James Bond films and we're all the better for it. It's been quite a ride, and you'd think Xander and I would be all done with Bond, but that's the beauty of having this many movies: by the...


Across the Bond: Casino Royale

Daniel Craig pretty much shut everyone up with this movie. Both Xander and I were doubters when the casting news first came out, but as you can tell from our writing below that didn't last long once we saw the film. Successfully relaunching...


Across the Bond: Die Another Day

I have a brilliant theory for you all this Across the Bond and Xander just pretty much hates Die Another Day. I can't say I blame him since he doesn't grasp my brilliant theory yet. Once you read it though you'll think, "Oh man, now that mo...


Across The Bond: The World Is Not Enough

Brosnan's third Bond movie has compelling villains, a more complex and character-driven plot, but also Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist. Such miscalculations unfortunately undermine the whole movie, and both Matt and I agree that it r...


Across the Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies

We're coming closer to the end of this epic undertaking of Across the Bond and as we do it seems Xander and my opinions have been diverging a bit, but for Tomorrow Never Dies were in almost complete agreement. Neither of us had actuall...


Across the Bond: GoldenEye

I think I'll dub the entrance of Pierce Brosnan as Bond's entry into the modern era, though an argument could be made for Dalton. The fact that a six year hiatus was taken by the franchise really makes GoldenEye stand a part from previ...


Across the Bond: Licence to Kill

And this is the Across the Bond that will cause Xander and I to have a brutal fight to the death if we ever actually are on one another's continents. We really, really don't agree on Licence to Kill, like to the point of me almost just copy...


Across the Bond: The Living Daylights

Dalton, Dalton, Dalton. Probably the most divisive Bond to date (aside from the madness that occurred when Daniel Craig was first announced) Dalton only got two tries at Bond before legal issues shut his tenure down. The actor, who got...


Across the Bond: A View to a Kill

And with this Across the Bond reaches the end of Roger Moore's tenure as Bond. Some would say it went on too long, and by some I mean everyone even Roger Moore himself. The man is just old in this movie and it pretty much is all Xander and ...


Across The Bond: Octopussy

Octopussy frequently gets dismissed because of its name, but is actually one of the strongest movies of the Moore era. Bond gets a complex and sensibly aged loved interest, the villain is as charismatic as he is cunning, there's a hint of C...


Across the Bond: For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only might be the most forgotten Bond. Coming right after the massive Moonraker and right before the eye catchingly named Octopussy it didn't stand out much. It's also not reviled so people don't mention it much...


Across the Bond: Moonraker

Bond in space! When you just keep getting bigger and bigger going to space has to happen eventually, right? Well, maybe not. Possibly some space restraint could have been applied. After all Moonraker does make it look like blasting off...


Across the Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me

Across the Bond has been trucking right along and we find ourselves now at Roger Moore's The Spy Who Loved Me. Below you will find me discussing one action sequences for as long as I've discussed most of the other movies in their entirety. ...


Across the Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun

Often heralded as the worst James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun definitely has it problems. In this edition of Across the Bond we definitely are happy to tell you about them. It's one of those times where something you lo...


Across the Bond: Live and Let Die

Roger Moore arrives! The entrance of the longest tenured Bond into the series kicks of with Live and Let Die. Moore jumped right into the character tackling him with his own style instead of trying to live up to Connery. It was probably the...


Across the Bond: Diamonds Are Forever

Across the Bond comes now to the first "bad" Bond film, in which old Sean Connery is old. While I'm loathe to say that any Bond film is a bad movie because Bond is awesome, it's hard to defend this one very much. Xander is a bit more forgiv...


Across the Bond: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The first passing of the Bond baton was between Sean Connery and then relatively unknown actor George Lazenby, who auditioned for the role by dressing up in Connery's classic suit from Goldfinger and charging into the audition unannounced. ...


Across the Bond: You Only Live Twice

We come now to a moment that Across the Bond had to inevitably come to. You Only Live Twice is really the first Bond to just go all out crazy-go-nuts. Completely ditching the story in the book and throwing in ninjas and hollowed-out vo...


Across the Bond: Thunderball

I think we've come to the first film that Xander and I don't fully agree on. I'll admit to Thunderball being watchable, but I find its pacing and and plodding make it one of the Bonds I don't go back and watch that often. Xander on the...


Across the Bond: Goldfinger

And so we come to it. The film that launched Bond as we know it and turned the series into a phenomenon. Goldfinger is a movie almost everyone of a certain generation has seen, and those not of that generation should have seen. Te...


Across the Bond: From Russia with Love

Our next film in Across the Bond is the next film in the series (cause we're going chronologically), From Russia with Love. Xander and I don't differ too much on this one, as we both think it represents the best Bond has to offer. The ...


Across the Bond: Dr. No

Xander Markham and I are a little bit obsessed with James Bond. This entirely healthy and completely normal preoccupation with a fictional character has led to debates and discussions of much import. We've decided to bring that to you, and ...


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