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Sabotage gets bumped to a March 28 release date

I'm not quite sure what to think about Sabotage. It's got Arnold as a cop with big guns so I lean towards dumb action flick, but then you realize that the director of one of the best cop movies of the decade, End of Watch, is directing it a...

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Here's a video with all of Arnold Schwarzenegger's kills

News will be virtually non existent over the next few days, so here's one last thing to leave you with over the holiday. Auralnauts, the same cool folks that did those Bane Outtakes videos, have compiled a 28 minute video of each and every...

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Listen all of y'all it's the second trailer for Sabotage

End of Watch was my favorite film of 2012. This second trailer for David Ayer's Sabotage (formerly titled Ten reflecting the ten million stolen from their drug bust), however, doesn't look like the excellent follow up I was hoping for. Dav...

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First teaser trailer for The Expendables 3

We've been completely in the dark with The Expendables 3. We've heard about all of that ugly stuff behind the scenes about Bruce Willis, the numerous additions to the cast, but no one really knows what's going on. There hasn't been a ...

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Nick's Flixmas: Jingle All the Way

If you haven't been paying attention to Nick's Flixmas, it's okay because that's all going to change right now. I'm writing about a Christmas film a day for 25 days and am already thirteen posts in. As we get into the Twelve Days of Flixmas...


Sabotage trailer fails at having Beastie Boys in it

So you have a movie called Sabotage and you put a trailer out for it. It's an action movie so some sort of rap/rock song would really work well over it. I think we all know what song should be playing on this trailer for Arnold Schwar...


Arnold with guns seems to be what Sabotage is about

Sabotage, Arnold Schwarzenegger's upcoming action (surprise!) film has been through a few name changes, but from these new images of the film we can easily tell that one thing never changes: Arnold shooting guns. I mean it really isn't surp...


Legend of Conan pushes forward with screenwriter

There's been little movement on The Legend of Conan since we all heard, and we're slightly bemused by the fact, that Arnold Schwarzenegger was returning to the role that made him famous.  Now the movie finally has a screenwriter i...


New clip from Escape Plan has some bad one-liners

"You hit like a vegetarian." It's going to be a bumpy ride sitting through Escape Plan if that's the best the movies got. In this first clip from the film we see Stallone and Arnie get in a fist fight in order to help them eventually ...

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New Terminator film is a reboot, new trilogy starts 2015

So much for Terminator 5. It turns out that the new Terminator movie is a franchise reboot that kicks off a new standalone trilogy. The reboot, simply called Terminator, will be out on June 26, 2015. The screenplay will be written by Laeta ...


Trailer: Escape Plan

Escape Plan stars two big-name action heroes; Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, as muscle-bound convicts who team up to escape from an inescapable prison. Stallone plays Ray Breslin, a man who specializes in building security s...


James Cameron gets Terminator rights back in 2019

To quickly recap on recent Terminator 5 news, it is known that Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming back and he will be playing as the Terminator with production possibly starting in January. We also known that Paramount picked up distribution r...


Schwarzenegger confirms he is the Terminator

There has been more talk about Terminator 5 in the last couple of days thanks to Paramount grabbing everything that they can. But in more awesome news, Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he will in the fifth installment as the Termina...


Paramount seeks to grab new Terminator rights

Paramount seems to be on a hot streak recently with the grabbing of all these new movie rights. Next on their lineup, Paramount is in negotiations currently to have the distribution rights for the next Terminator. This newest one is being p...


Poster: Escape Plan starring Stallone, Schwarzenegger

This new poster for upcoming action thriller Escape Plan is actually kinda cool! Escape Plan stars Sylvester Stallone as a masterful architectural engineer who specializes in structural security systems; i.e. he builds maximum security pris...


Paul Verhoeven wants to direct The Legend of Conan

Arnold Schwarzenegger is 65 years old and Conan the Barbarian came out about 31 years ago. Schwarzenegger is also planning to reprise his role from the 1982 film. The Legend of Conan project currently has no director in mind, but a previous...


Schwarzenegger in talks for Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger remake has been floating around for a while now with Steve Pink set to helm the film and Loyd Kauffman all about it as long as he gets paid. What we weren't all about were rumors that John Travolta would be starr...


Schwarzenegger says 'I'll be back' for Terminator 5

Man, when Arnie returns to movies, he jumps in with both feet! The once indomitable action star seems as if he's right on track to reclaim he's long vacant throne. At a press junket in London for he's film The Last Stand Schw...

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Review: The Last Stand

Despite Arnold Schwarzenegger's plethora of cameos throughout the past decade or so (most recently in The Expendables 2) the action superstar hasn't headlined a film in quite some time. Now he's back (sorry) with The Last Stand an...


Had a bad day? Here's Arnold SchwarzenVader

Ever watch Star Wars and think, "what if Darth Vader had Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice"? Thanks to this fan dub by YouTube user seifer2846, all those questions are answered. The dub hits its peak when Vader tosses the Emperor down that sha...

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See The Last Stand early, free and with me

Often when we have ticket giveaways we can't attend the screening we're giving tickets out for. It's madness since we love to meet up with fans of the site. However, this time if you snag passes for The Last Stand next Wednesday you'll...


Trailer: The Last Stand (Red Band)

We're coming up on Schwarzenegger's all out return to action cinema with director Kim Jee-woon's The Last Stand. In case you were concerned that the aging actor had lost his R-rated edge this violent and cuss-filled trailer shoul...


Trailer: The Last Stand

Since Kim Ji-Woon is heading back home to Korea to work on some more awesome stuff, I'm particularly interested in how The Last Stand is going to turn out. Did he leave because working with translators, and other issues, was pretty rough a...


Legend of Conan to embrace Schwarzenegger's 'rust'

When news broke of Schwarzenegger's return as Conan for The Legend of Conan in October, Chris Morgan gave us a few hints as to what to expect from the newer, yet older Conan. In speaking with Hero Complex recently, Morgan detailed a little ...


Arnold Schwarzenegger signed for Terminator 5, maybe 6

Megan Ellison secured the rights for the Terminator franchise from PacificCorp, and now has Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed to appear in Terminator 5 and possibly Terminator 6. Arnold had agreed to return to the Terminator franchise back in...


Josh Gad will co-write Triplets, the sequel to Twins

A long while back we reported that there would be a sequel to Twins starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, and Eddie Murphy. (Yeah, I know, I know. Just go with it.) We are somehow one step closer to Triplets being made. Perhaps the ...


New The Last Stand poster is not as good as the last one

The Last Stand is so teasing me right now. It doesn't release until January 18th next year, and yet it want to rub that fact that I still I have to wait for it in my face. Just a couple of days after the second trailer, we have this new, an...


Trailer: The Last Stand

The more I see of The Last Stand, the more I want it to exist. Unlike the first trailer, this new (and reportedly final) trailer for the film gives a little more info about the nature of its story rather than a collection of awesome shots ...


Check out Schwarzenegger's tattoos in David Ayer's Ten

Man, Arnie sure is rockin' and rollin' now isn't he? He got an extended role in Expendables 2, starring in a film with Sly Stallone in which he gets a cool mustache, heading up his own hopefully cheesy movie, The Last Stand, and crushing hi...


Schwarzenegger to crush his enemies as Conan once more

Deadline reports that Universal is set to reboot the Conan franchise again with The Legend of Conan and personally I couldn't be happier. You know why? Because Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to once again play the awesome badass Conan! Sadly/...


New poster for The Last Stand is way too badass

While some of the lucky jerks  Flixist staff are at NYCC this weekend, the rest of us will have to deal with the news that slowly trickles out of it. Thankfully, this new poster for the Arnie Schwarzenegger starring The Last ...


Review: The Expendables 2

The Expendables 2 is exactly what you want it to be, and nothing more. It's an extravaganza of big explosions, awful puns, ancient stars and barely-there plotting. Like all good ensemble pictures, there's an ample serving of cheese to pay o...


Trailer: The Last Stand

Just two days after a new poster for The Last Stand was released, we now have the first trailer for the film to share with you. It looks pretty much like what you'd expect: Arnold Schwarzenegger swaggers, shoots, and sneers at things, foll...


New poster for The Last Stand has Arnie and a big gun

You may remember that stylized and stylish Comic-Con poster for The Last Stand about a month ago. Well, a new poster for the film debuted and it's got Arnold Schwarzenegger (pictured above) and a big gun (not pictured... or perhaps the gun ...


First look at Sly Stallone and Arnie in The Tomb

It's Expendables week at Flixist and we'll be choc-a-block with features related to geriatric actioners up until the full review on Friday. The movie promises an expanded role for Arnold Schwarzenegger, although those waiting for a true two...


Expendables 2 gets biblical on your a$$

What could possibly make Expendables 2 seem even more overblown? Getting all up in the Last Supper that's what. While Last Supper parodies are hardly new, rarely has so much action been crammed into one. The bowl of grenades is a nice touch...


First poster for Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand

Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to film has so far been only a few cameo spots in the Expendables films, but his first starring role is coming out January 18, 2013 in the form of The Last Stand. The film, which is directed by Jee-woon Kim, s...


New Expendables 2 poster does the impossible

You didn't think they could do it, did you? How would it by physically possible to fit every action star starring in The Expendables 2 onto one poster. I mean, we'd seen previous posters with some of them and everyone's name, but havin...


Expendables 2 crash lands a new TV spot

BOOM! KAPOW! EXPLOSION! I'm not sure if explosion is an onomatopoeia, but it should be because that's the only sound that this many guns, kicks, bombs, punches, bullets and explosions could make. With the new TV spot for Expendables 2...


Stallone and Schwarzenegger begin shooting on The Tomb

Did you think that The Expendables 2 was going to be your only chance to see Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger paired up like a fine red wine and shooting dudes in the face? Pah! The Dynamic Duo of Dudes Duking it Out have j...


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