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Catching FI-YAH photo

Second Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer is hungry

When the first teaser for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiered during the MTV Movie Awards, I was pleased with what I had seen. A notable bump in narrative quality, camerawork, and just all around coolness. Does the second trailer do ...


New Catching Fire posters are figure flattering

A slew of new posters for  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire have just popped up across the web and they show off the returning champions back once again to compete. Looks like they'll be competing in skin tight outfits. They're all...


Jennifer Lawrence once again close to naked as Mystique

One of our most popular posts here at Flixist is an old video of Jennifer Lawerence as Mystique in X:Men: First Class. It's because she's damn near naked. The Internet obviously likes seeing her covered in blue scales, and never let it be s...

Catching FI-YAH photo

Katniss believes she can fly in new Catching Fire poster

Did you see that disturbingly good looking teaser trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire a month ago and think to yourself, "this could totes use more cloud wings"? Then do I have a treat for you! Here's the newest poster for Catching ...

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Someone paid $12,000 for Jennifer Lawrence's clothes

Hot off the heels of her Oscar win (and even more prestigious Golden Pterodactyl nomination) for Silver Linings Playbook, Jennifer Lawrence is so hot right now. So hot in fact, that everyone wants her clothes (or blue body paint) enough to ...


Review: House at the End of the Street

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned in every horror movie review I've written how much I love horror films and about the crap threshold that lies within them. Truly good horror films come around once every now when the planets all align and some...


New House at the End of the Street images are creepy sexy

Remember that one joke I made about how you can abbreviate House at the End of the Street to HATES? Well apparently, it's an official abbreviation. When I was checking out these new images for the film (which you can examine in the gallery)...


Jennifer Lawrence looking to The Ends Of The Earth

We're big Jennifer Lawrence fans here at Flixist. Not only is she one of the most engaging and nuanced screen actresses of her generation, but she also owns a delightful line of trouser-teasing dresses for awards ceremonies. With horror mov...


Trailer: House at the End of the Street

After coming off the initial Creepy Mc. Creeperton trailer for House at the End of the Street (which hilariously abbreviates to HATES), this new trailer is kind of a let down. It's almost too conventional. Well, the story seems conven...


Mattel to make a pretty yet tough Katniss Barbie doll

In a move that will probably both delight and confuse Hunger Games fans, Mattel has announced that they will be producing a Katniss Everdeen Barbie doll, complete with a mockingjay pin and a bow and arrows. Mattel Barbie designer Bill Green...


X-Men sequel shoots in January with Jennifer Lawrence

With Hunger Games becoming a major international hit, there was some question as to how Jennifer Lawrence would fit the planned X-Men: First Class sequel into her schedule. Fox originally wanted to shoot in the autumn, potentially getting i...


Fake Hunger Games posters are funny and biting

These fake Public Service Announcement posters for the ballooning Hunger Games give the citizens of Capitol a lot of much needed advice, such as "Spay & Neuter Your Muttations" and "Stand Up to Bullies - Then Kill Them". The posters wer...


Hunger Games posters as directed by Bay, Herzog and more

I'm such a sucker for these sorts of things. Below are a bunch of mock-posters for movies that could-have-been if this past weekend's blockbuster The Hunger Games had been directed by other famous Hollywood directors than the movie's actual...


New image and details of Jennifer Lawrence's next movie

The Hunger Games is expected to send Jennifer Lawrence's star soaring, so the release of the first image from her next movie, The House At The End Of The Street, is perfectly timed to take advantage of her impending ascendance. Basically, i...


Review: The Hunger Games

The film industry nowadays is utterly saturated with novel adaptations, especially those that cater to the tweens-to-teens demographic. Twilight is perhaps one of the more infamous examples of this, yet it has undoubtedly shown us the finan...


New Hunger Games clip shows off Katniss' archery skills

We're getting ever closer to the March 23rd release of Gary Ross' much anticipated adaptation of Suzanne Collins' novel, The Hunger Games, which means the movie's publicity machine is starting to build up a head of steam. Following a prett...


New Hunger Games image, tickets on sale from Feb 22nd

A new Hunger Games image has been released through Entertainment Weekly to mark the announcement that tickets will be available to book from February 22nd, one month in advance of the movie's official release date on March 23rd. As the pres...


Jennifer Lawrence permits street fondling, apparently

“I used to walk around and be like, 'Oh, my gosh, I'm naked!' But now I could walk in the street and people could start touching me and I would just wait for them to finish and I'd keep walking. I have, like, no modesty left.” T...


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