After the Credits: Return of the Hot Dog Edition

With the return of our weekly Trailer Round Up, now helmed by the lovely Nick Valdez, it seemed only right to bring back our content wrap up series, After the Credits, in some capacity. Unlike our former Community Manager, Andrew Kauz (RIP)...


Flixist will be at C2E2 this weekend!

Chicago's annual Comics and Entertainment Expo - C2E2 - is happening this weekend! Your faithful Chicago corespondents, Geoff Henao and myself, will be in attendance! Be sure to say hi if you see us! While C2E2 doesn't necessarily focus on ...

Ad-blockers hurt Flixist photo

Half of Dtoid's readers use ad-block, and that affects us

It's unlikely that this will come as news to many of you, since I expect our readership is pulled pretty heavily from the Destructoid community, but it's a big deal, so we wanted to put it out there for you guys too: ad-block is great, but ...

Best Actor 2012 photo

Flixist Awards 2012: Best Actor

This year's Best Actor category had some fairly strong competition, between Daniel Day-Lewis' beloved portrayal of Abraham Lincoln, Denzel Washington's troubled airline pilot in Flight and Joaquin Phoenix's hauntingly disturbed character in...

Best Actress 2012 photo

Flixist Awards 2012: Best Actress

Much like this year's Best Actress Oscar nominations, our Flixist Award nominees ranged from girls about 9 years old to women about 90 years old. Quvenzhané Wallis from Beasts of the Southern Wild was a lot of people's front runner, ...

Oscar impressions photo

Flixist reacts to the 85th Academy Awards

Last Friday, we brought you the best damn Oscar predictions around. Now that the awards show has happened and the results have been announced, we know that Looking back on those predictions, we can see that, once again, the Academy got...

Valentine's Day Cure photo

How to use movies to cure your Valentine's Day blues

Whether you're happily or unhappily single, if you're single at all, Valentine's day will probably make you sick to your stomach. The important thing to realize today is that you're not alone in this. As someone who's freshly and unhappily ...


Flixist Forums are here!

Hello gracious readers! We just wanted to bring it to your attention that Flixist now has its very own Forum page! (Cue cheers.) Don't worry, our other forms of community involvement - such as contests, comments and blogs - aren't going any...


Community Blog: Modern Horror and Believability

[Flixist Community Member Panzadolphin56 wrote an awesome blog about modern horror movies and the need of Fiction and Science Fiction to rely on a sense of realism, and you should read it! Write your own Community Blog and you could be feat...

 from  our Community Blogs
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Nihonjinron: J-Horror

[Flixist community member dj-anon just keeps churning out these sweet essays about Japanese cinema and culture, if you haven't taken a glance at his look at the Japanese Horror genre, you should!] Part 9: The Art of Fear The scary movie cr...


New York Comic Con Flixist Video Recap (Sunday)

As promised, one final video about the Flixist experience of the New York Comic Con. This one was taken a bit earlier, because I had things to do, so it's just me and Hubert talking sort of vaguely about what it was like to be there (incre...


New York Comic Con Flixist Video Recap (Saturday)

Hey guys, it's me again. I'm sure you've all watched (and loved) our first NYCC video recap, and here we are again with our second (and possibly final?) attempt at talking coherently into a camera. Today, Hubert, Sean, and I are joined by ...


New York Comic Con Flixist Video Recap (Friday)

So, you know, we're at the New York Comic Con and stuff, and it's pretty cool. But you know what's better than reading about what we thought? Seeing and hearing what we thought. That's right, for the first time (probably) ever, you get to ...


Flixist now has a chat bar! Tell us about your day.

The migration to our new editing software gave us a special treat, and we didn't even notice. What's this new feature that has literally been sitting quietly in the corner? Why, a chat feature, of course! That's right: now you can chat with...


LA friends: Join us for a screening of The FP!

My friend Jonathan London over at Geekscape and I hatched a plan: host a screening of The FP, the Citizen Kane of "wait, what the f**k did I just watch?" right here in our home of Los Angeles. Thankfully, our friends at Tugg are ...


Flixist Awards 2011: Best Screenplay

Screenplays can be a weird entity. Though they are integral to a movie, some people can find it hard to understand just how important a screenplay is. Think of it like this: without the script, you'd have no story, no plot twists, no inciti...


The Ultimate Guide to Everything Flixist

Flixist was born on October 15th, 2010. As of this writing, that's a year and some change, and in that time, we have seen a lot. Our early adopters will remember seeing our friend and nemesis Tommy Raptor more than often enough, and I speak...


The Flixist Show needs your questions!

I'm listening to the Tron: Legacy soundtrack right now, and it's so awesome. For all its faults, I loved Tron: Legacy, and I even had a deeply spiritual experience with it. Man, why didn't this win an Oscar? Such bullcrap. Anyhoo,...


13 composers and musicians who should rescore Metropolis

Metropolis turns 85 years old in January. It's still an incredible work of movie magic and film art with special effects, sets, and sequences that are astonishing even today. The movie is propelled not just by Fritz Lang's vision, but by th...


Ask The Flixist Show questions, we'll tell you no lies

Well, maybe we will. I bet you're all a-quiver over the notion of winning that Jurassic Park gift set. Don't worry, you'll know how to make that yours soon enough. For now, however, we're recording the show in about nine hours, so let's hea...


10 other writers Johnny Depp could play in films

So Johnny Depp’s turn as a fictionalized Hunter S. Thompson in The Rum Diary isn’t doing gangbusters at the box office. No doubt everyone really wanted to see adaptations of superior Thompson books, like Hell’s Angels or F...


LA Friends: Go see In Time this Thursday on us!

We've got another code for a free, early screening in Los Angeles, CA, this time for the upcoming sci-fi thriller In Time with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfreid. It's just like the last on. Go to www.gofobo.com and input the code you'll...


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Parasite"Class mobility is a lie"


Lucky Day"Luck's run out"


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LFF Lucky Grandma"You'll never look at your grandma in the same way again"


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NYFF The Irishman"Martin Scorsese's greatest hits also feels like a long goodbye"


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