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Disney no longer making Tron 3

Although Tron Legacy performed well on home video and seemed to strike a chord with fans, it just didn't become the grand reboot Disney wanted it to be. Stories of Tron 3's possible existence have been floating around since then, but it's b...

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Tron 3 is in the works and will be bringing back Oliva Wilde

After the huge success with the recent reboot/sequel, Tron: Legacy, Disney has announced that another sequel is in the the works. The unnamed Tron 3 will be bringing back a lot of the same crew who worked on Legacy, including main leads Oli...


Rumor: Tron 3 to star production in the Fall

When TRON: Legacy was released it was announced that it was the launch of a new franchise, and usually when a film is highly successful and is part of a franchise the rest of the movies come out pretty quick (disregarding Avatar). Not ...


Disney's Tron 3 finds a another new writer

It looks like whatever work David DiGilio accomplished is now being handed off to a new scribe for another go around. Jesse Wigutow has been hired as the new writer for the sequel to Tron: Legacy and will continue the develop...


Buy a $55,000 Light Cycle from Tron: Legacy

Do people still care about this movie? I guess so. I mean, they are planning a sequel, supposedly, right? Though, not for a few years off, probably. Well, if you were that enamored with the admittedly cool and cyberpunk-flavored light cycle...


Tron 3 a go? Bruce Boxleitner says so

When was the last time an actor dropped news that a sequel to a popular franchise would be happening, and it actually happened? Not too often, really. But here we are with Bruce Boxleitner saying Tron 3 is a done deal, and that it'll b...


Tron, The Birds, and Wizard of Oz minimal movie posters

These really pretty minimalist posters were created by illustration artist Crystal White, who also happens to write for Flixist's sister site for all-things-Japanese: Japanator. Crystal is graduating with a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse...


Update on awesome Tron: Destiny leaked fan video

About two days ago an awesome Tron fan video leaked online and was pulled from YouTube before we could share it with everyone. It was labeled "TRON: Destiny - TR3N Comic-Con 2011 Teaser Trailer?" and when the account got closed due to take...


Joseph Kosinski talks about Tron 3 progress

We know that Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis -- the writers of Tron: Legacy -- are working on Tron: Uprising, a 10 part animated television series that explores the events leading up to the sequel, but what about another Tron movie in the ne...


More Tron Easter eggs, more Tron 3 hints

Look, we can beat around the bush and call things we hear on the internet rumors and speculation, but the chances of Disney not making another Tron film in the very near future are about as high as binary code featuring the number 2 in it ...


The Next Day bridges Tron, Tron: Legacy, and Tron 3?

We reported back in January that Tron 3 was nearing a greenlight from Disney after a fairly wonderful showing at the box office. Now, First Showing has a leaked Easter Egg from the upcoming Tron: Legacy Blu-Ray that offers a few hints as t...


Tron Legacy DVD/Blu-ray may have a teaser for Tron 3

It's clear that Disney wanted Tron Legacy to set up a new franchise, and for the most part I think it worked. The film was a fun excursion filled with lots of eye candy. And while it may have "only" pulled in $330 million worldwid...


Is Tron 3 a virtual certainty?

See what I did there? Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News is reporting that his 'grapevine of industry insiders' are telling him that Disney are very close to greenlighting a sequel to Tron Legacy, a film warmly received...


Review: The D-Box Experience: Tron: Legacy

I write freelance for this fine website, so it's no surprise that I am fabulously, extravagantly wealthy. So wealthy, in fact, that I can commit to such extravagances as golden flakes in my cinnamon schnapps and motion-enabled seats in my m...


Tron porn parody trilogy complete with Tron Jeremy trailer

First was Pron, the Tron parody porn video (SFW link) starring Lexi Belle and Zoe Voss. Then came the NSFW Tron Playboy bodypaint photoshoot and video that was actually a pretty cool artistic project thanks to some authentic lighting. Now ...


Review: Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy is a hard movie to review overall. If I could review it in pieces then it would be easy to say the first third is amazing, the middle is okay, and the last third is bad. The characters that are actually used are good, but their...


Review: Tron Legacy

When you see almost every movie that comes out in a given year you start to stop being impressed. The next technical marvel isn't quite as marveling as you thought it would be, and action sequences all start to blur together. The edge of y...


Pron: The Tron Porn

Rule #34 of the Internet states, “There’s porn of it, no exceptions.” Or in this case, Pron. Following in the same vein as recent adult film parodies like The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody and This Ain’t Avatar XXX, Pron is a parody t...


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