A bunch of new Melancholia posters


A whole bunch of new Melancholia posters have arrived! They don’t really reveal much more about the film, other than it looks very dramatic and tense and something is wrong with the sky maybe. I like the color pallet of the set of posters, they all have a contemplative green-brown-purple look to them.

Also director Lars von Trier is in one of the posters for some reason. I’m not sure if that’s because he has a big ego or if it’s because he’s trying to say that the film is his vision, and an integral part of understanding the film is knowing him? Having the mental context of “von Trier” is important, perhaps?

Regardless, Melancholia is coming to U.S. theaters November 11th, but check back early next week for Flixist’s review!

[Via Collider]