A Good Day To Die Hard featurette focuses on Jack McClane


I’m sorta excited, sorta apathetic about this new Die Hard sequel. On the one hand, it has Bruce Willis and things blow up, so those things can get checked off the list. On the other hand, it takes place in Russia with all of this talk about ‘keeping the world safe for democracy’, which is something I thought we were well beyond now in terms of thematic devices, and it’s of course going to be rated PG-13. Weak sauce.

I’m especially on the fence in regards to John McClane partnering up with his son, Jack, who is the focus in the featurette found above, courtesy of a cross-promotion with Dodge. McClane Sr. has had partners before, kind of, but he’s never had anyone that matched himself in terms of kick-assitude. Yes, I said kick-assitude. Couple that with the fact that his son is being played by Jai Courtney, a guy who the only thing I know about is that he is rocking some serious abs, and some trepidation understandably begins to set in.

I know the goal here is to pass the bad-guy killing mantle on to the next McClane so the franchise can continue, but I’m really not sure how well that’s going to work. Even if Courtney proves himself worthy, I don’t know if there’s room in my heart for anyone but Bruce Willis. I hope I’m wrong though. 

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