A James Bond take on Star Wars


We can all agree that James Bond movies are single-handedly keeping the art of the title credits sequence alive. With most films pushing them to the end of the movie you’re seeing less and less quality credit sequences these days. Star Wars never really had one in the first place, what with the iconic bright yellow text scroll we’ve all come to love so it’s nice to see the Bond take on what a Star Wars pre-credit sequence would be like for The Empire Strikes back. 

The video is from Kurt Rauffer, who made it as his thesis project, and does a stellar job of capturing the iconography of Star Wars while feeling like a Bond opening. I love the slow push into the light saber and the minimalist recreations of iconic moments from the films, especially Lukes fall, which seems torn right out of the more recent Bond title sequences. This is definitely closer to those than the naked woman romps Maurice Binder put together for most of the Bond franchise’s history. That’s probably good; a full title sequence of nothing but Princess Leia in her bikini might not work so well. 

Matthew Razak
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