A Kingdom Hearts TV show may be coming to Disney+


I wish I was one of the many people out there who had no knowledge of Kingdom Hearts. As a staple franchise of the PS2, Kingdom Hearts received tons of praise for its first two console installments for its fun gameplay, enjoyable characters, and successfully mixing JRPG goodness with Disney nonsense. It was meant to be a fun little mash-up, but then things got out of hand. While I know this is heavily debatable, the story of Kingdom Hearts, in my humble opinion, is trash. Pure, stinky, bloated, unbearably repugnant, trash. It’s nonsensical at best and impenetrable at worst and if you were playing a drinking game around how many times any of the characters said “light,” “darkness,” “heart,” or “friendship” you would probably need to get your stomach pumped. 

Reports have been circulating within the past couple of days that Disney and Square Enix are apparently at work with a Kingdom Hearts show for Disney+. The rumors began to float around when Emre Kaya, a writer for Cinema Spot, first presented the rumor yesterday. 

According to Kaya along with several other journalists, the series with be done with CG animation and not in live action. Square Enix created a pilot for the show within Unreal Engine, but whether or not that will be used for the show if this turns out to be true is unknown. While they are currently casting, many known Disney stars are rumored to be reprising their roles for the series, such as famed Disney voice actors like Jim Cummings. There has been no confirmation from either Disney or Square Enix regarding the validity of these rumors. If they are true, buckle your seatbelts because we’re gonna be in for one crazy ride. 

We will update this article with more information as it becomes available.

Jesse Lab
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