A look at the best fashions from Disney’s Cruella


Disney’s Cruella finally made its debut and while the plot may need some extra flair, the costuming did not disappoint. In a film all about how one of the most iconic Disney villains became so fashion-obsessed, it only made sense that some of the outfits seen on screen would be over the top.

Emma Stone and Emma Thompson both rocked whatever looks they wore even when Stone was going between Estella and Cruella it worked. Seeing as how the costuming department on this film has a ridiculously strong pedigree, it would be a disservice to not look at just how gorgeous the outfits in the film are. So without further ado here are some of the best and most iconic looks featured if you want to save yourself some time watching it. Be sure to check out our full review here and judge for yourself, and be aware that this post will contain mild spoilers for the film.  Also, thankfully no Dalmations were harmed in the making of these outfits.

The Baroness


The first time audiences see The Baroness who goes on to become Cruella’s main rival, we get major Miranda Priestly (Devil Wears Prada) vibes. From the sunglasses to the way she carries herself in this stunning outfit, you know she’s not one to mess with. Even though the film is set in the 70s her wardrobe evokes an earlier era and is very classy compared to those around her.

The Baroness is “old money” and sophistication and seems to want to stick to her way or the highway, not wanting to change with the times. Compared to Estella she always seems to want to be the one to stand out and can’t stand anyone outshining her. In the film that is even stated as fact, as she has had more fashionable people thrown out of her exclusive parties. It’s why she sends her goons to “get her”(Cruella) as she makes her amazing entrance. While fascinated with the new fashion her old ideals don’t allow her to see past her own nose.

The very first glimpse of her is at the costume ball when she is speaking with Estella’s mother on that now-infamous cliff. Although we had no idea who she was at the time we knew she was someone important.

 Red Carpet

Baroness Cruella Red Carpet

(C) Disney

Continuing in her quest to not let Cruella steal the limelight in the fashion world, we have this stunning ballgown. As you can see from the others surrounding her, The Baroness always has to be the center of attention and just the height of sophistication. Now we can see the huge comparison to Cruella who chooses to go more modern as well as take more risks which clearly makes The Baroness look old and outdated.

While this look fits her character you can also see her starting to take more risks the more interactions she has with Cruella throughout the film, almost to mimic her.

Cruella/ Estella

Cruella crashing party

(C) Disney

This is probably the most iconic look audiences will associate with the new Cruella. It was of course shown a lot in the trailers leading up to the film’s release. It is also the first time Emma Stone’s Estella fully starts to embrace her Cruella side. Disney must have thought so too since a new limited edition collector doll was just released featuring this exact look. The hilarious part of this specific red ballgown is that it was actually originally designed by The Baroness but Cruella “made it better”.

In the film, she picks up the dress in a vintage boutique and it had a very different look and feel to it. This trend continues with other memorable looks some very out there and some that many could actually rock today.

Undercover at work

Estella at work

(C) Disney

Evil by night meek by day, that’s what Estella… er, Cruella had to do when trying to one-up The Baroness. While working in her fashion house after shedding her red hair for Cruella’s signature black and white do, her other persona evokes a much simpler look. It still keeps with the time period but also reflects London where the story is set. After she went back to her original “roots”, a wig was needed to keep The Baroness from suspecting her true identity.

Estella also invoked her skills as a costume designer when she was making outfits to help Horace and Jasper steal. Ironically this look reminds me of the original 101 Dalmations cartoon that Anita wore in the park when she meets Roger. Anita of course in this origin story is her childhood best friend. This outfit pictured above could perhaps be a nod to that iconic interaction between the two lovebirds, perhaps hinting at a sequel?

Making herself known

Cruella on car

(C) Disney

While this look and her “garbage truck” look are only briefly seen on screen they leave a lasting impact. Her trash look involves another amazing runway-worthy gown made entirely from recycled paper and other fabrics. As Horace and Jasper arrive in a garbage truck, they dump Cruella out who unravels from the trash in that memorable look. She then happily speeds away after making her entrance.

In the scene pictured above The Baroness is inside the car you see Cruella standing on. Cruella stands up and displays this incredible half gown half military jacket look. What’s not pictured is a banner that literally comes out of her gown that says “The Past” over The Baroness’s face who is currently trapped in the car.  It made for such a pivotal moment in the film.

As mentioned earlier while the film’s plot leaves a lot to be desired and both Emma Stone and Emma Thompson did amazing with the roles they were given. The fashion 100% makes up for a lackluster story. Expect to see a lot of Cruella and possibly Baroness costumes this Halloween. While Cruella may not win any awards for “Best Picture” it will most likely get nominated for Costuming, and Hair and Makeup Awards, which in all fairness, it really should.

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