A movie about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade- yes, really


Hollywood’s been feeling a bit tapped out lately, given that they must be close to running out of sequels at this point and have already been turning to board games and Disneyland rides. What could be better to dig them out of this hole than a widely-broadcast parade featured in countless other movies?

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade: The Movie doesn’t have many details out yet, but it certainly sounds like the kind of thing hordes of kids will drag their parents to on a late November weekend. Macy’s certainly stands to benefit from the deal; who wouldn’t want a 90-minute advertisement for their company? Macy’s executives will be overseeing the project, specifically hoping for it to be “the next Miracle on 34th Street.”

While there’s no writer attached to the project yet, producers Raymond Brothers and Scott Glassgold have gotten some concept art out of Joel Venti, a storyboard artist for the Night at the Museum sequel, so one can imagine it involves giant inflatable cartoon characters coming to life and getting into all sorts of hijinks. Unfortunately, it’s slated to be a family film, so it’s unlikely that the balloons will wreak any havoc on the city. One can always dream.

[via /Film, via THR]