A new Power Rangers movie will reportedly be in the main continuity


As a child of the 90s, I love Power Rangers. For as goofy and as silly as the premise is, I can’t not love watching a team of spandex superheroes defeat the forces of evil with giant robots and lots of explosions. Sometimes they’re in space, sometimes it’s in the future, for some reason there are like half a dozen seasons revolving around dinosaurs, but I love it to pieces. Not every season is created equal (I’m looking at you Neo-Saban era), but when it’s good, it’s a fun and entertaining ride.

Since Hasbro took control of the franchise, many fans were wondering exactly what the future would entail for the series. Just recently, Hasbro announced that they were terminating their contract with Toei, effectively ending the use of all Super Sentai footage that encompasses most of its fight scenes. As unnerving as that may be, it’s not all doom and gloom for Power Rangers as reports are starting to come out about the next feature film in the franchise.

The film will reportedly be set in continuity with the rest of the series and may star a female lead, possibly giving a female Red Ranger as our main hero. Sure, there have been other female Red Rangers, but they were never the stars of their respective shows. News is also circulating that time travel will be used with Zordon, one of the most prominent mentors of the series, sending a new team of Rangers to the past to confront Lord Zedd, one of the villains of the Mighty Morphin era. If these reports are true, it should be an interesting film and can probably help to solidify the Rangers in pop culture once again. Lord knows the series is going to need it once Hasbro completely severs ties with Toei.

Source: Comicbook

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