A new Sesame Street movie is in the works


Sesame Street: The Movie is a thing that’s happening through 20th Century Fox. The show’s longtime writer Joey Mazzarino will be writing the film’s script. Obviously no word on story, and Fox has yet to comment on the project which is just getting off the ground. Shawn Levy is one of the producers (and hopefully not directing).

Sesame Street has made two other forays onto the big screen: Follow That Bird (1985) and The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland (1999). Never saw the Elmo one, but I still have fond memories of Follow That Bird, though I haven’t seen it in years. (Full disclosure: I rewatched it two years ago.) No word if Forgetful Jones, Captain Vegetable, Don Music, or the Amazing Mumford will come out of retirement for the film.

With a Muppets sequel in development and a Fraggle Rock movie brewing, it’s a bit of a shame there isn’t one company overseeing all these films. The Muppets are with Disney, and I think the Fraggles are currently with New Regency. There could have been a major Henson-creation crossover. Just imagine Gordon appearing at the end of the Muppets sequel asking Kermit if he’s heard of the Sesame Street initiative.

After the cut, a song from Follow That Bird and two of my favorite Sesame Street songs that don’t involve counting to 12 or visiting the moon. Honorable mention to “Jellyman Kelly,” the only James Taylor song I don’t feel guilty about liking.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]


Sesame Street - Long Time No See


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