A playful poster for Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing


I feel like “playful” is a pretty good way to describe director Joss Whedon’s newest movie, a Shakespeare adaptation called Much Ado About Nothing. Even though it’s coming from one of the most fiercely loved directors of our time and based off of a comedy by one of the Western world’s titans of literature, the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously. It was made in little over a couple months during Whedon’s The Avengers‘ post production period and it debuted at SXSW’s Film Festival earlier this year.

Now the fun little movie has a fun little poster to go along with it. Featuring actor Fran Kranz (Cabin in the Woods) attempting to snokel while clutching a martini glass. This sort of posh and sophisticated yet flippant attitude fits the feel of Much Ado About Nothing. Much Ado is set to run in limited theaters in the US this summer starting June 7th.