A plea: Go see Attack the Block


No doubt you’ve seen our coverage of Joe Cornish’s directorial debut Attack the Block. Needless to say, most of us at Flixist are very excited for the flick. Yesterday, in the spirit of the Forth of July, Alex Katz and I went to the New Beverly cinema in West Hollywood for a special screening of the movie. Needless to say, we were blown away by what we saw. It’s hilarious, it’s scary, it’s got some of the coolest creature effects in ages, and it’s the breath of fresh air that the movies need.

The movie comes out on July 29th, but in a limited release, in New York and LA. Naturally, if you’re in those cities go see the flick. If you aren’t, you’re kind of out of luck for right now. However! Follow their Twitter feed, like them on Facebook, and tell them that you want Attack the Block in your city. Heck, start an Eventful Demand It! campaign. Attack the Block has just as much potential as Paranormal Activity did, so demand it in your city today.

A movie like this comes along only once every few years. Do your duty as a movie lover to spread the word about this special movie. Check past the break for a trailer if you’re not completely sold.