A promising first clip from Beasts of the Southern Wild


Last month we shared the trailer for Beasts of the Southern Wild, one of the darlings at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. A brief clip from the film has surfaced, and it’s full of whimsy and childlike wonder (and the image seen on the film’s poster, which I’ve put in the gallery for your viewing pleasure). In case you’re wondering what it’s about, here’s that synopsis again:

Faced with her father’s fading health and environmental changes that release an army of prehistoric creatures called aurochs, six-year-old Hushpuppy leaves her Delta-community home in search of her mother.

It looks like a fantastical journey through floodlands, all filtered through Hushpuppy. Though it wasn’t included in our list of most anticipated films of 2012, Beasts of the Southern Wild is one of the movies I’m really looking forward to. The film comes out June 27th.

[Via Quiet Earth]

Hubert Vigilla
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