A proper 50 Years of Bond tribute

SKYFALL: 50 Years of Bond

For those who didn’t see the Oscars, they had a segment which was a 50 year tribute to the James Bond franchise. Let’s just say that it was not exactly the greatest tribute they could have done, and it was quite the missed opportunity that the Academy had.

So comes along Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr., a 19-year-old film student from the Netherlands to outshine the Academy by making his own tribute. It is so much better than what the Academy did. His selection of clips captures the suspense, action, thrills, and drama of the entire franchise. Overlaid on top of the footage is Adele’s Oscar-winning song “Skyfall,” which only makes it better.

Give this four-minute video a watch and learn how the Academy failed to appreciate and capture what the Bond series means.

[via Indie Wire]