A Quiet Place 2 gets delayed due to ongoing coronavirus concerns



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In a last minute move, Paramount Pictures has decided to delay the release of A Quiet Place 2 amid ongoing concerns over the spread of the coronavirus. In a statement given to press, Paramount said, “After much consideration, and in light of the ongoing and developing situation concerning coronavirus and restrictions on global travel and public gatherings, Paramount Pictures will be moving the worldwide release of ‘A Quiet Place Part II.’ We believe in and support the theatrical experience, and we look forward to bringing this film to audiences this year once we have a better understanding of the impact of this pandemic on the global theatrical marketplace.”

In a post on his Instagram page, actor/director John Krasinki agreed with Paramount’s decision and stated that now is not the right time to release the movie. With the film meant to bring people together, that clearly isn’t the wisest choice in the middle of a pandemic. “As insanely excited as we are for all of you to see this movie…I’m gonna wait to release the film till we CAN all see it together!” he stated.

This delay is the latest in a string of films and events that have been canceled during this trying time. With government officials working to figure out some kind of cure, it is wise to proceed with caution instead of needlessly endangering others. Many may be disappointed, but everyone here made the right call.

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