A Quiet Place gets its first, very silent trailer

A Quiet Place (2018) - Official Teaser Trailer - Paramount Pictures

I’ve been excited for A Quiet Place since we first heard about the idea. Basically a family is living in some situation where they can’t make a sound or else they’ll be attacked by monsters. Of course, as the trailer shows, they eventually do make one thanks to a game of Monopoly (Monopoly: tearing families apart since the dawn of time). 

The premise is just way too cool to not be excited about, and I love horror films that take place in these slightly off worlds. Plus, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have the acting chops to pull off what should me monumentally quiet roles. The only hang up is Krasinki’s inexperience directing horror, but hopefully he’s got an eye for it. His dramatic efforts like The Hollars were OK, but nothing to write home about. 

Matthew Razak
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