A Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic project is in the works from Lucasfilm


A long time ago, in a galaxy more or less the same as the rest of the series, there were a set of stories that had a dedicated following. For certain reasons, one of these stories was cut short. The series was then left alone…for about 7 years and then got a spin-off. This spin-off was highly regarded as well. It was then left alone for 8 years. You see a pattern here? You’d think someone would see the writing on the wall. Apparently, someone finally got the message and Lucasfilm is finally developing a project based on the popular Knights of the Old Republic series.

What they are developing is a big question mark though. When asked if there was a Knights of the Old Republic project in the works Kathleen Kennedy had this to say:

“You know, we talk about that all the time. Yes, we are developing something to look at. Right now I have no idea where things might fall, but we have to be careful that there is a cadence to Star Wars that doesn’t start to feel like too much. We don’t have a crystal ball, you know. We tried a little bit with Solo [A Star Wars Story] to see if we could do two movies a year and whether or not there was really an opportunity for that and we felt that’s not going to work so we backed off that a little bit. But it doesn’t mean we don’t think about lots of different stories because that’s the exciting thing about this universe”

Questions abound! Is this the series that the Game of Thrones TV creators have been up to or possibly where Rian Johnson’s trilogy will take place? It is rather vague what type of project it is at the moment. The good money is on either a film or TV series though. It’s a setting that hasn’t been explored in the movies before and could led to some fresh material to combat possible Star Wars fatigue.

It’s all speculation for now, but we hope to get clarity regarding exactly what type of content we will be getting from Lucasfilm in the near future. 

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