A Walking Dead movie may shamble onto the horizon


Here’s a rumor about an idea that’s in “non-business conversation[s],” so treat it as just a sorta kinda maybe thing. As with basically every vaguely cinematic, hugely-popular television show, rumors are floating around that AMC may be considering a Walking Dead film as a follow-up to the television show. Obviously, if this is even something being seriously considered, it’s some years off, as The Walking Dead isn’t in any fear of cancellation, and no set end point has been announced yet.

I gave up on Walking Dead during the second season, when a whole lot of nothing was happening. I was never super into it to begin with, as I’ve hit the wall on zombies in my films and television (though the Walking Dead video game is still captivating my interest a great deal, probably because it’s an astounding game). I’m sure fans of the show have something to be excited about for a final film capping off the series, whenever it does end, but I can’t get that excited about it.

[Via /Film]