A24 acquires Tribeca-drama Mojave


Okay… I love you A24, but you need to leave Oscar Isaac alone. You’re lucky he even preforms for you bastards! (Yes, this was a “leave Britney alone” joke in 2015. Fire me). 

Personal outcry aside, A24 has acquired the distribution rights for Tribeca-drama, Mojave. It’s the second feature film directorial effort from William Monahan, who also did the screenplay for Martin Scorsese’s, The Departed in 2006. Mojave follows a Hollywood-director (Garreth Hedlund) who takes to the Mojave desert, only outfitted with a knife and some vodka. Here he runs into a man (Oscar Isaac) with a rifle, claiming to be the devil.

Also cast in the movie is Mark Wahlberg, Fran Kranz (The Cabin in the Woods) and the always brilliant, Walton Goggins (Justified). It’s difficult to find any real buzz around the movie, but with A24 signing a seven-figure deal, it’s most likely as cool as it sounds. 

PS: I truly do love you A24. 

(via Deadline)