Aardman says a Shaun the Sheep Movie sequel is in the works


Two of my favorite films last year reminded me of great comedies of the past. There’s Mad Max: Fury Road, which owes a lot to Buster Keaton’s The General. And then there’s Shaun the Sheep Movie, which seems to offer several nods to Jacques Tati’s masterpiece PlayTime.

Yes, I loved Shaun the Sheep Movie. What of it, buddy?

Fans of the film will be pleased to know that Aardman Animation has officially announced a sequel is in the works. 2haun the 2heep (not the official title, thank god) will get underway in January 2017. Aardman co-founder David Sproxton said the following:

Shaun’s move to the big screen proved such a success with audiences around the world that he and the flock are very excited to be embarking on another big screen adventure. Aardman is partnering with StudioCanal once again to produce another rip-roaring comedy, featuring Shaun and the rest of the gang in a story that takes them to even greater heights of lunacy.

"Feels Like Summer” From Shaun the Sheep The Movie

As of now there are no plot details or a target release date for A Good Day to Shaun the Sheep (also not the official title, thank god).

This makes me wonder if Aardman will eventually revisit Wallace and Gromit, Nick Park’s lovable man-and-dog comedy duo that helped raise the company’s profile in the 80s and 90s. The duo’s last appearance was 2008’s short adventure A Matter of Loaf and Death.

I can only assume there will be some sort of Aardman Cinematic Universe consisting of Wallace, Gromit, Shaun’s farm posse, Angry Kid, and a reformed Feathers McGraw. I’m sure this fan-fiction already exists. If not, stop letting me down, Internet!

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