Aaron Eckhart to hunt down and arrest Peter Pan


Rebooting old, but familiar characters is all the rage these days. Revamping a character makes new content out of an instantly recognizable brand, and for the most part Hollywood doesn’t mess with things too much when the do this. This isn’t really the case for an upcoming re-imagining of Peter Pan called Pan, which has just signed Aaron Eckhart to play Police Detective Hook and is being directed by Ben Hibbon.

In case you missed our announcement of the film before I’ll explain why Hook is a detective again. See in this twist on the childrens’ tale Pan is actually a child kidnapper. Wendy, who is going to be played by AnnaSophia Robb, will be a former victim of Pan’s who helps the detective on his quest to get Pan. Meanwhile Smee, played by the always awesome Sean Bean, will be the only cop on the force willing to help out Hook on his mad quest for the nefarious Pan.

Casting-wise this movie sounds amazing. Story wise it sounds like it could suck really bad. Either way we’re guessing it’s going to be a bit more adult than the current Channing Tatum Peter Pan project that is supposedly in the works. The real question is will they ditch the green tights or make it all the creepier and have Pan wear them anyway.

[Dark Horizons, via Film School Rejects]

Matthew Razak
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