Aaron Sorkin adapting Steve Jobs biography


Looks like we’re going to have a Steve Jobs-off on our hands in 2013 and/or 2014. Aaron Sorkin has been hired to adapt the best-selling biography Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson, essentially walking up to the upcoming Ashton Kutcher vehicle Jobs and taking back the big boy pants. There is, as yet, no specifics as to when the film will take place, as there are certainly dozens of movie-length stories and exploits in the late Jobs’s life, but as the book follows Jobs from birth almost up to his death last year, it’s safe to say we’re probably looking at the overarching story of the Apple founder’s life.

There are, as yet, no casting decisions or directing decisions. It’s probably unlikely that David Fincher will return to work with Sorkin on another story of the misanthrope behind a financial juggernaut of a tech company, but a man…can dream.

Also, in looking up the biography on Amazon, I found some…interesting purchases equated with Steve Jobs, which you can see below.

[Via First Showing]