ABC is looking into a second female-led Marvel TV show


ABC is about to lose its lat Marvel show when Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D leaves the network but the Disney-owned channel is working on new series as we speak, specifically a brand new (“mostly”), female-led superhero show. That’s pretty much all we know about it but talks are ongoing and the end goal is to ensure “one Marvel property is on air on the broadcast network at any given time.”

To be perfectly clear, this is not the already reported on Allan Heinberg Marvel show about four super-powered that is still in pre-production at the network, it is something different. It be perfectly unclear, it’s not clear if the show will release as part of ABC’s normal seasonal development cycle or as a special off-cycle series. One of the major issues with ABC’s Marvel shows has always been their inability to connect with the MCU (something Disney+’s shows won’t have a problem with) because of the seasonal TV schedule and the fact that Marvel television is handled separately from Marvel film. However, with Disney owning every platform now and consolidating some shows under Kevin Feige that may become less of an issue.

Still, it’s a weird little offshoot world of sub-MCU TV shows. They can be successful as Netflix’s shows, The Runaways and Cloak and Dagger show but it would be nice if everything actually was connected.

The fun fact is that ABC had a fantastic female-led Marvel show in Agent Carter and they cancelled it far too quickly. Of course, we won’t be getting that back any time soon but if you’re like me you got a little be excited reading this news only to be once again crushed by reality. 

That does open the door for some C-team Marvel characters to get their own shows. We’d guess that any of the characters that had Netflix shows won’t be making the jump over to ABC, though it would be amazing if they did a soft reboot on Jessica Jones and actually turned it into the procedural superhero private eye show it always should have been. Maybe we’ll get a She Hulk show or maybe some obscure character no one has heard of for two decades. The “mostly” description is the tricky part for this. Does that mean the character has appeared before somewhere? Who knows until we get more info.

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