About a Boy becoming a TV series


About a Boy is easily one of my all time favorite romantic comedies, most likely because it’s not really a rom-com at all — it just gets labeled that because of Hugh Grant and the fact it has relationships in it. Well written, routinely touching and full of Hugh Grant being Hugh Grant it’s one of those movies I recommend to anyone no matter what their taste in films. The Nick Hornby book the film was based on is equally as charming.

So charming in fact that Jason Katims (executive producer on Friday Night Lights and Parenthood) brought it to NBC after Fox passed on the project in 2003. NBC has jumped on the project and if they can turn About a Boy into a show as good as either of Katims’s other recent projects than I think NBC could hit the jack pot in terms of a quality.

However the current plan is to turn it into a half hour comedy, which, judging from Deadline’s description of the show that uses the word kooky, is not a good thing.

[Deadline, via Film School Rejects]

Matthew Razak
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