Academy might return to five Best Picture nominees


Once upon a time, The Dark Knight was released, and when it didn’t get an Oscar nod for Best Picture, the people were upset. “We have failed you,” said the Oscars, “from now on, there shall be not five, but ten nominations! Nothing shall slip through our nets.” And so it was, and it was good.

Then the wheel of time did turn, and with its turning came truth. Despite glimmers of change, it became clear that Oscar nominations would remain as homogeneous as ever. “This alteration brought us no benefit,” they said, “there was no flaw in the old ways.” They bring no confirmation, but whispers have already began to circle: “We gave the people what they want, but ratings still they dive. We opened up our gates too wide, let ten return to five.”

I have zero opinions on this one way or the other, though it’s always fun to remind yourself the Academy are always making it up as they go along.

[via THR]