According to Ezra Miller, we’re still getting a Flash solo film


Take this latest news with a grain of salt, but actor Ezra Miller has “confirmed” that The Flash solo film is still in production. In a recent interview with W Korea, Miller (who portrayed the character in both Batman V Superman and Justice League) was questioned about what was coming next in his career. Electing to speak only about confirmed roles, Miller stated that The Flash is one of the upcoming projects he’ll be involved with and that he’s still attached as its star.

With all of the production troubles that DC has been facing with The Flash, though, I have no idea if keeping Miller around is for the best. It’s no fault of his own, but the previous two films he starred in were duds. With Aquaman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman 1984 all being positioned as basically separate from an interconnected universe, it might be best to scrap the current plans for The Flash and start over completely fresh. We’re already not going to see Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill, so what’s losing Miller?

Ezra Miller Says The Flash is “Absolutely Confirmed” [ScreenRant]

Peter Glagowski
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