Acting guilds to IMDb: Stop posting our ages!


I don’t even know where to start with this one. Several US acting guilds SAG and AFTRA are calling for the IMDb to take down their actors’ real ages. Their stance is that an actor’s actual age has no impact on the performance, and instead is about the age range of the actor. 

To which I have only one question: Why does this matter at all? Are actors really so insecure about their age that any mention of it sends them in a fit of age-conscious lawsuit binges? Apparently so, since this issue started with a 40-ish year old actress in Texas suing the IMDb for revealing her age on the site

Actors, this next bit is for you. Nothing about your job makes you any more special than us. And acting is a job, folks. Not a lifestyle. If a steel worker complained that a potential employer knew his age, we’d laugh him off. The fact that we’re taking this seriously goes to show that we need to grow as a culture.

[via The Guardian]