Ad for Hunger Games nail polish seeks to make you evil


Hunger Games heroine Katniss may not be into getting her nails done, but that isn’t about to stop Lionsgate and nail polish company China Glaze from pushing out a new line of nail polish based off of twelve Districts of Panem, called “Colours from the Capitol.” The character they’ve chosen to represent the new line is Effie, played by Elizabeth Banks. You can check out the full advertisement and a sample of the colors below.

What makes this venture so odd is that in the Hunger Games books, the citizens of the Capitol are portrayed as frivolous beings who obsess over hair dye trends while ignoring the suffering of those around them. In the ad itself, the tagline is “What will you be wearing to the opening ceremonies?” This nail polish line appears to have entirely missed the point of the story. Why would they want people – girls in particular – to identify with these villains?

Aside from all of this, does anyone actually like any of those colors enough to wear them? I kind of hate all of them. To me they look like a collection of polishes inspired by a lumber yard, with names like “Mahogany Magic,” and “Agro” to boot.

[Via /Film]