Adam Sandler is adapting Candyland, plotting my suicide


That’s the only logical explanation at this point. Adam Sandler, upset after not getting the kind of weighty dramatic roles he thought Punch Drunk Love would bring him, has devoted his life to making as many people as possible commit suicide as a result of his increasingly-shitty output, the first half-to-two-thirds of Funny People aside. 

Anyway, the probably-long-soul-dead comedian will star and co-write, along with Robert Smigel, an adaptation of the Hasbro board game Candy Land. The film will be directed by Enchanted director Kevin Lima, but I have a feeling that Candy Land will take nearly as much of the piss out of itself as Enchanted did.

Ugh. Everything about this movie just grates on me. I’m going to go tie a noose and look at it for a good long while.

[Via Collider]