Adam West and Burt Ward BAMFing back into action for animated Batman


Anyone who doesn’t like the Adam West Batman TV show is clearly not someone you should be associating with. Now that it’s finally on Blu-ray we’ve all been given a chance to watch its splendor once again, and it seems we’ll be given one more… kind of. Both Adam West and Burt Ward have signed up to star in a new animated film version of the 1960s classic that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 1966 film.

Not many details on the film were given out when the two announced it, but it’s one of two they are possibly working on and it should be released in 2016. We’re assuming it will be a straight to video affair, but as long as it keeps the tone of the show that’s fine. It’ll be especially interesting to see how they animate it as giving it a throwback look would be great, but I could definitely see an updated animation style being cool.

[via Consequence of Sound]

Matthew Razak
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